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  • Greek Yogurt Oat Muffins

    Here’s a quick and great recipe that contains no flour or oil making it a great breakfast or snack on the go! 2 ripe bananas 2 cups oats (old fashioned or quick)…

  • Beet and Carrot Super Food Salad

    This salad is awesome and is a great gateway food for any beet hater to develop an appreciation for them. Just ask my husband, former beet hater. 2 medium beets 4 large…

  • Luxurious Shepherd’s Pie

    This week’s recipe – Shepherd’s Pie (the ultimate in comfort) Ingredients: 6 medium size potatoes 4 cloves of garlic olive oil 2 bell peppers 6 medium carrots 4 celery stalks 1 large…

  • O-some Real Onion Soup

    Here’s a super easy winter recipe to get the most out of this very common superfood. It uses a gentle cooking technique so as to maintain all those amazing nutrients. Warm up…

  • Marinated Mushroom and Sprout Shehakol Salad

    I love this salad! It’s so refreshing and it takes advantage of two ingredients that hold up very well in the winter, especially now when lettuce is hard to come by where…

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