Dear Jewish Woman,

Do you want to have a more positive relationship with food and feel good about who you are?
Are you looking for something more than just an approach to food — an approach to life?
Do you feel self-conscious eating around your mother because of the comments she makes?
Do you fear leaving the house because of your size?
Does feeling ashamed of your emotional eating keep you up at night?
Are you craving something in life, and aren’t sure what that is?
Do you feel like you’re the only one experiencing negativity with food and body image?

I understand.

I KNOW that people make comments about the way you look.

I KNOW you want to eat more vegetables because you are trying to incorporate more healthy habits into your life, and that’s really great!

I KNOW it looks like everyone else just has it all together.

I KNOW, however, that you are NOT the only one.

Far from it. Many women today are dealing with negative body image and/or they’re at war with food. There is so much shame around food that most women are just not willing to express it publicly. And so you feel all alone in it.

But other people’s opinions are not the truth. At ALL! The truth is what you know deep in your heart.

So tell me, what is the truth about who you ARE?

IMAGINE choosing the foods you truly want to eat and taking the time to ENJOY them. Eating the most delicious treats with zero guilt and total enjoyment.

IMAGINE being able to thank your mother for her care and concern for what you eat, and really meaning it, while making your own choices. And dealing with the negative feelings that come up, so you can feel great.

IMAGINE leaving the house at your current size and feeling confident and beautiful, and finding freedom in so many aspects of your life, while getting stronger and healthier with each day.

IMAGINE accepting yourself as you are, strengths and faults alike, and confidently saying no to the requests of others. And finding time in your busy schedule for YOU.

You CAN get your body healthy and feel inner tranquility in all aspects of your relationship with food and your body.

You don’t have to do it alone. Come, let me show you a community of other women who are working through this, just like you want to, and you can have a community that totally supports you on your journey.

Hi. I’m Rena and I help women stop being distracted by food and their bodies so they can live nourished and pleasurable lives of purpose and meaning.

It all starts with taking inventory about the food choices we make. The first step is to download my seriously FUN food-mood journal “Nibble Scribbles”. Inside, you’ll learn how to break the habit of just putting food in our mouths without thinking about what it is we truly want or need. To download it for free, just enter your name and email address in the box below. That’s it!

You CAN do this,

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