A Taste of Intuitive Eating: An 18 Day Love Note + Journaling E-book

A Taste of Intuitive Eating: An 18 Day Love Note + Journaling E-book to:

– notice when you want to eat, and why
– make conscious choices of what to eat
– be more in touch with yourself

What participants say

Before working with me:

  • “I felt bad about anything I ate that I “shouldn’t” have eaten, and then went to get some more to comfort me and make me feel better.”
  • “I was aware of the important of being an intuitive and mindful eater, but sometimes fell off the path when emotions would take control.”
  • “I felt hopeless about changing my eating habits.”
  • “I knew nothing about intuitive eating.”
  • “I did not realize that I was not really enjoying the food I ate. I was either rushing through it or feeling guilty every time I ate something not healthy. A lifetime of trying to be perfect, coupled with remarks from my mum like “You’ll never be slim, you enjoy eating too much” when she saw me enjoying some food and actually moving food away from me at the table (thinking she was helping me), to make sure I didn’t eat too much, meant that I was always feeling guilty about eating.”
  • “I was at a loss how exactly to do intuitive eating, filled with anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”

After working with me:

  • “I have started to check with myself before / while I am eating – do I really want to eat this? Am I full or do I want more of what is on the plate?”
  • “I was given more tips to add to my toolbox to feel confident that the intuitive eating approach is the best way for me to maintain a healthy relationship with food.”
  • “I became hopeful that it was possible. It took me a while to start implementing the strategies and I still don’t have it all down, but I have managed to make many changes which I am happy about.”
  • “I am curious to learn more.”
  • “I pause more, enjoy what I eat, exercise because I like it and not because I have to and am a more mindful eater. I also forgive myself when I think I may have overeaten or felt too tired to exercise.”
  • “I feel that I have the tools to make slow but steady progress towards a healthy eating attitude.”

What they liked about working with me:

  • “Rena gives you a completely new perspective on eating and food, which leads to healthier eating without feeling deprived.”
  • “Rena is authentic in her desire to help other women and wholesome in her approach. Her approach is what most dietitians and physicians should aim for, but unfortunately most fall short of. Typically, those trying to sell a weight loss program focus entirely on the goal – losing x number of pounds. But, we all know (though, we often times forget) that getting stuck on desire for anything never brings us to that place. The only way to get somewhere is to “be” there in the first place. That is where the magic happens. Rena teaches this to her students to bring about their greatest potential for physical and emotional success in their lives. Rena, and her programs, are a gift to the world.”
  • “Rena uses common sense to debunk a lot of the nonsense we are inundated with day and night and start to believe.”
  • “Rena explains concepts clearly, and is a open communicator.”
  • “In addition to the holistic approach and the general ideas, she gives practical tools for gauging how much your body needs and how to make sure you are at peace with food.”
  • “Rena is calm, patient, wise, and very reassuring.”

Other praise for this program:

  • “I am doing this now, and I highly recommend it – it has already changed many things about how I relate to food (and to myself).”
  • “What really resonated with me and what I hadn’t noticed until now was how important being creative was for me. I am always talking about going back to ceramics but I never do anything about it. I think it might just be the breather I need. I also thrive on learning new things, so I will have to think about a way to incorporate that into my life. Thanks!”
  • “I feel like I am mostly on the right track. I am also seeing changes in my family’s way of thinking about food. It seems like intuitive eating is a process which won’t ever get to perfection, but can become the norm rather than the exception.”
  • “I went out to eat yesterday and I’m so proud of myself. I stopped when I was full AND I did NOT take home the leftovers. I left it to be dumped. I’ve never done this before!!”


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