Mind Over Munchies — Self-Study Course

This program is for women who want to finally overcome emotional eating, and want clear, structured audio recordings to guide them.

Goal: To have cake on your counter and not be triggered by it.

Included in your purchase are 13 modules + worksheets, 6 guest lectures, 9 guided imageries/exercises, 6 lectures on dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings, and 3 lectures on developing self-compassion. These recordings are available on a US teleconference phone line (area code 641).

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in these sessions:

Why diets fail us
Understanding hunger and satisfaction
Making yourself a priority
Deconstructing eating behaviors
Reconstructing your thinking
Lessons from binging
Making peace with food
Science, beliefs, and your food choices
Food & sugar “addiction”
Self-worth — what is it really?
Exercise & Nutrition
And much more…


If within 1 month of purchasing this program you decide you would like to work with me 1:1, your payment total will be credited towards that program.

Please allow 48 hours after payment is submitted for processing.