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Many women reach out to me for Intuitive Eating coaching and aren’t sure what they’re going to experience while coaching with me. Will we be focusing on the food? Is this similar to therapy? Will I be telling them what to do?

Every coaching session is a different experience from the others. I don’t follow a script. I have trained in many different modalities and use the one I feel is most appropriate in the moment.

In order to help you get an idea of what coaching is like with me, I’ve coached some women who have consented to me posting the recording of our coaching call at no financial cost to them. You’ll find these sessions below, with a short description of what each one is.

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Sara – Pre-Yom Tov Stress and Stress Eating

In this call I coach Sara who is overwhelmed by all the Yom Tov food prep, and the waste that comes along with all the food, which she ends up eating so as not to throw it out. In this call we get to the bottom of her eating and what she can do about…

Hi there! How can I help?

Hi there! How can I help?

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