Shavuos Inspiration…right from your kitchen!!

It’s Shavuos on Tuesday night.
You most likely will be spending the next 2-3 days
Planning a menu
Washing laundry
Mopping the floors
And of course… baking your favorite cheese cake!!!
You may be yearning for some inspiration,
some beautiful words and practical tips so you come to Shavuos

We put together for you a refreshing Shavuos 5777 FREE online event!
4 free classes on 4 very different topics, from 4 women like you.
We too will be cooking, cleaning and baking
and we wish to share inspiration and be inspired!

Grab your computer or smartphone,
place it atop your kitchen counter.
Cook up your delicacies,
whip up your cheesecake,
and listen to 4 eye opening classes.

Who are we, and what are we sharing?

Faigy Pollock

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“Toras Imecha” – How do I talk to my kids about intimacy? How do I talk about it to myself…??”

I’m Faigy Pollock, Kallah teacher, EFT practitioner, and creator of Unblock Your Way to Oneness.

Seeing the enormous need in our community, I created a unique online course on the topic of intimacy which empowers women to develop a healthy, positive and balanced attitude towards intimacy, according to the true Torah outlook.

There is no greater gift a parent can give their child than a positive and healthy attitude regarding sexuality.

I’ve seen time and again that Kallahs who receive from home a healthy and positive approach, are so much more prepared for marriage.

In this talk I will present some ideas that will empower you to develop a positive attitude towards sexuality, and share with you some guidelines on how to convey the correct message to your children.

Rena Reiser


“How to NOT Eat Your Full-Fat Cheesecake Really Quickly While No One’s Looking!”

I’m Rena Reiser, Intuitive Eating Counselor and founder of Mind Over Munchies.

I have helped women all over the world who have tried dieting, and are “fed up” of being distracted by food, change their lives. For those who are ready to leave diets behind for good and create a healthy relationship with food, I help them truly get pleasure from the food they are eating. The end result is coming to peace with both food and life by discovering and satisfying our real hunger.

In this talk I give an overview on Intuitive Eating as it relates to eating on Shavuos so that you can truly enjoy your full-fat cheesecake, no matter who is watching.

Rebekah Saltzman

“Connecting to the Earth Through Organization”

Inspired by the Zero Waste Movement, Jewish Positive thinking in 2012 and a job advertisement for a couple who were looking to downsize before making Aliyah, I was a graphic designer and I quit my job and started a personal organization company, Balagan Be Gone. Today I help people organize their homes and help them to reduce their clutter and their waste. I use my professional design skills to help my clients create organized and beautiful spaces for themselves and their families. In addition to eliminating “balagan” for my clients, my sense of style and function make the new “balagan-free” space one that everyone can enjoy.

I live in Israel with my family and run a Facebook community called Organizing in Israel (though all are welcome from other countries). You can also follow my year long project “2017 in 2017” on Instagram @BalaganBeGone, listen to me on Wednesdays on Akeres Habayis, or check out my website

Chaya Hinda Allen


“The Soul of Jewish Parenting”

We are so privileged to be mothers in our great holy nation. Sometimes we wonder, isn’t there something I could be doing better? How can I help my child become a loving contributive link in the chain stretching back to Sinai and towards the coming of Mashiach?

In this free mini-seminar in honor of The Giving of the Torah we’ll share tools for loving transmission of the Torah to the next generation. I’ve included a class, a guided imagery and questions for mindful parenting.

May we all be blessed with Doros Yesharim Umevorachim and true Yiddishe Nachas.

The SHAVUOS 5777 EVENT includes 4 recorded classes on various topics related to the inner life of the Jewish woman.
All 4 classes are available to you upon registration!
Listen at your own leisure, either before Shavuos or after.
The classes are yours to keep!

This event is over! Please visit for other resources.

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Hi there! How can I help?

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