Intuitive Eating Resources

Intuitive Eating is a way of relating to food that focuses on allowance, as opposed to restriction which is commonly at the core of most other food programs. It focuses on people’s strengths and what they’re capable of, instead of focusing on their weaknesses.

The avodah of working on the way we relate to food primes us for all areas of life.

These three books are my top recommendations for getting started on this journey. (Click on the image below to purchase the book from Amazon, or use the link underneath the image to purchase it with free international shipping from Book Depository.)

A wonderful book on Menuchas Hanefesh:

This book combines the teachings of Rav Chaim Friedlander (the Sifsei Chaim) and decades of R’ Shaya Ostrov’s clinical practice.

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Hi there! How can I help?

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