Mind Over Munchies Monthly Membership :)

Food can just be...Food

Mind Over Munchies Monthly Membership Program is a hands-on workshop and virtual support group for Jewish women who are serious about stepping up and creating a new relationship with food and with themselves – which will last for years to come. We will be using the structure of Intuitive Eating.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Stop dieting (and break out of black-and-white thinking)
  • Understand what hunger and satisfaction are
  • Stand up to the criticism of others
  • Cope with your feelings without using food
  • Respect your body
  • Make peace with food
  • Exercise
  • Eat nutritionally

Here is what’s included:

  • Full access to my Mind Over Munchies program (value $497):
    • 13 core Intuitive Eating modules + worksheets
    • 6 guest lectures
    • 9 guided imageries/exercises
    • 6 lectures on dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings
    • 3 lectures on developing self-compassion
  • 2+ Q&A sessions with me each month (value $450+)
  • A community WhatsApp group for the women in this program
  • Most importantly: a community of like-minded women (value $invaluable)

There is a tendency to want to sign up, listen to all the recordings over and over again (binge on them), and not digest any of them, and not participate in any of the group calls (restrict). This is not going to work. You can waste your money on it, but it won’t work. The only thing that will work is to have the courage to commit to the process and participate in the group calls. I insist on a 6 month minimum commitment to be able to digest the information slowly and participate in the group calls and get support. Come join us, let other people support you, and then see what’s next.

This isn’t just information — it’s transformation. And transformation takes time.

Sign up for this if you’re willing to commit to yourself for at least 6 months. Look inside your heart and see if you’re willing to commit for 6 months or more, and take it slowly, not going on the whole binge/restrict cycle with the program. If you can’t commit to yourself for 6 months in this program, I invite you to get 1:1 support from someone local to you.

Investment: $97 (300 nis) for each month, for a minimum of 6 months.

“Rena has completely changed my life. She has taught me how to be patient and compassionate towards myself. She helped me tap into my inner strength and learn to set healthy boundaries. She walked me through the intuitive eating process, guiding me on my own journey to coach clients through this amazing, life altering process.

Before working with Rena: everything was a linear process, only success oriented. After working with Rena: I no longer have frequent “black and white” thoughts and I realize that effort equals success.

Thank you Rena!”

– Gila Glassberg, MS RDN CDN
Certified Intuitive Eating Coach
Woodmere, NY

“Before working with Rena, I saw food as my enemy-and I am thin!! I had been dieting since high school and was so distraught that I could not keep to a healthy eating lifestyle. I was in a state of cognitive dissonance- I knew I should make food choices that honored my health as much as my palette but I couldn’t make it happen. When I tried to “eat healthfully” it was with such deprivation that it was unsustainable!

After working with Rena, I feel I am on the right path. I see food as a gift from Hashem that is there to nurture and satisfy me. I know that I can eat any food I want. I have learned to be present when I am eating (first I needed to learn that – yes! – I am meant to sit and enjoy meals). I am empowered to listen to my innate wisdom as to what food I should eat at any given time. I have been exploring many healthy dishes and I am eating the ones I enjoy. I just really enjoyed a salad – frozen strawberries and blueberries, apples, grapes, and a bit of lemonade concentrate. Yum! That’s a major upgrade from my apples I ate (as I have learned in my journey that I don’t like plain apples and that’s OK).

I recommend working with Rena because her sharp yet soothing approach will move you forward on your food journey. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy each and every bite you take? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to nurture your body with healthful food that you enjoy? It can be done!”

– Esther B.

“Hi Rena,

I’ve been wanting to email you for a while, but life kind of got in the way of me sitting down and writing to you. Last night’s Chanuka party made me realize just how much I’ve changed, and I couldn’t push it off any longer.

I hosted a Chanuka party at my house and was sitting next to someone who recently started the same diet plan that I used to follow. As I was listening to her describe how Chanuka parties are like battle zones and she is prepared to fight and control herself, I realized how I used to think like her, and how far I’ve come. She continued by describing how she literally starved at a recent wedding, didn’t touch any food besides for some raw salad, pickles, and cut up fruit, and because she was “good”, she treated herself to a diet ice cream when she got home.

Listening to it from an IE perspective, I realized how warped that kind of thinking is, and how much calmer and happier I am since I’ve given myself permission to live and enjoy the bracha around me (not only food). I stop multiple times during the day just to enjoy holding my baby daughter and talk to her. I eat and am aware of what’s going in my mouth. I listen to what I need instead of quieting my inner voice with cake. I handle the day to day stresses of life by reframing my negative thoughts and perceptions.

I lived through the family simcha and didn’t beat myself up about how I looked. (As a by the way, the dress I was talking to you about fit well b”h). No, I am not as thin as I would like to be, but I am happy and feel alive. In fact, sometimes, I can’t believe that it’s really me!

Thank you for being the catalyst for my very own Chanuka miracle.

A freilichen Chanuka,

“Rena, I cannot thank you enough for the life changing journey you have guided me on. When I signed up for the program I thought it would be all about food – and, though I definitely learned a lot about my relationship with food and have made progress in that aspect, the program was about so much more than food. It has literally been life-altering, spilling over and affecting so many areas of my life. We delved into topics such as stress management from a place deep inside, self care following a sense of self worth and self respect, the whole realm of emotions, my relationship with myself, and even with Hashem and with others. Rena, your Intuitive Eating program seemed like a perfect solution to my eating issues, but surprisingly was so much more, and has brought so much meaning into my life in so many areas. I especially gained from your insightful and practical one on one coaching, and always came away with a feeling that you “got me”. Thank you for teaching me so much over the course of the program and I really feel like it is a process I will be taking with me going forward…Thank you!!!!!”

– Batsheva K.

“Learning how to eat intuitively has helped me in so many ways. My entire eating experience changed. It went from stress eating/dieting to calm/pleasurable eating. I feel I got the right to leave my old habits behind and start a new chapter. It’s interesting how I needed this permission and someone to give me the courage to change. This program helped me realize the strength I have and utilize it. Thank you!”

– Henny S.

“I LOVED the intuitive eating course. I felt like not only did it challenge me to make changes in my eating habits immediately (and huge, far-ranging changes at that), but also forced me to re-examine beliefs about myself and my LIFE – and make changes (or begin to make changes) in almost every aspect of my life, which has been a terrifying, exhilarating, overwhelming and precious journey every single step forward (and tumble backward). That was NOT what I expected when I signed up for a set of classes that would help me with my eating! Yom Tov was a changed experience this year as I thought about what I’ve learned.”

– Mimi S.

Listen to one of the classes -- free!

What if I try Mind Over Munchies Monthly and don't like it? Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all purchases are final. There is a sample class on this page that you can listen to and get a sense if this for you or not. I also have lots of free webinars and other content you can browse for free. When you sign up you are committing to be billed automatically each month for a minimum of 6 months. If at that point you’d like to cancel you can do so by emailing my billing representative at billing@mindovermunchies.com before your next billing date (after 6 months) and you won’t be charged again.

I've already spent so much money on diets, and don't want to spend another penny on another food program!

I hear you loud and clear! I really understand what you’re saying. It’s hard to spend more money when you’ve been burnt so many times by big promises. Here are two thoughts that might help you:

1. One of my clients once said to me, “I can’t believe we’re halfway through the program and you haven’t even mentioned carrots! Unbelievable, to have a food program that isn’t about the food!” She’s 100% right. This isn’t about what you eat or don’t eat. This is about how you relate to food and yourself.

2. I don’t make big promises. None of us humans can. But one thing I’ve seen over and over again is that when we finally stop fighting with food and allow it to just be a normal, regular, enjoyable part of our lives…everything in our lives change – for the better! Our relationships with others improve, and we have more time and energy for the things in life that are important to us. So take the plunge. Join the program. Money is one thing that we can always earn back. Our precious time in this world, though, will never be returned to us. Imagine being 80 years old and refusing cake at your birthday party because you’re still dieting… And now imagine being 80 years old and enjoying cake at your birthday party because you worked through the way you relate to food when you were younger. How many decades of life will this program save you?

Will I lose weight?

The truth is, I don’t know. If you’re interested in joining us, it’s crucial that you put your focus on weight loss onto the backburner. It’s impossible for us to listen to our intuitive signals while we’re focusing on how many pounds the food we’re eating might cause us to gain or lose. But rest assured, we will work through your mindset around wanting to lose weight. We can’t ignore that the desire is there.

Can I download the course materials?

You can (and will gain so much from doing so!) download the worksheets that accompany each module. I don’t allow the modules themselves to be downloaded, and you will have access to the modules for the duration of your membership. This course requires you to stop what you’re doing, sit down, and focus on YOU!

What and when are the monthly Q&As?

The monthly Q&As are your opportunity to get your questions answered. I send out one email at the end of each month with the upcoming month’s dates. I’ve always been a big believer in the power of community and therefore in the importance of showing up live together on the teleconference line. The energy of committing to joining at a certain time and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with each other as a group propels us forward in our growth in a way that a recording simply can’t replicate.

My dream is to build through this program a place where women invest themselves in this journey in a very real and intentional way. Therefore, the recordings of the q&a calls will not be posted.

Circumstances will come up where you may have to miss a class. Don’t panic. Hashem is in charge and will find the way to get you the tools you need.

When can I join and when will I be charged?

You can apply to join at any time. Fill out the short application form below and I’ll be in touch with you within 48 business hours. There are a maximum of 20 spots available in the program. If there are open spots in the program, we’ll set up a time to talk about if this program is right for you or not. If there aren’t any available slots, I’ll add you to the waiting list.

Upon admittance to the program you will be charged your first payment of $97 or 300 nis. You will be signing up for an ongoing subscription where you will be billed automatically each month. Each subsequent payment will be $97 or 300 nis. The payments will always be at the same day of the month that your original payment was. If you want to cancel after 6 months of participation, then as long as you email my billing representative at billing@mindovermunchies.com before your next billing date you won’t be charged again.

Is Mind Over Munchies Monthly appropriate for women with eating disorders?

If you have an active eating disorder (meaning that you’re heavily restricting calories or purging by use of vomiting/laxatives/extreme exercise) then this program is not for you. Please seek appropriate in-person help. There are many qualified professionals who can help you!

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