Your Inner Journey to
Making Peace With Food

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Nourish: Your Inner Journey to Making Peace With Food

This is not a food plan. This is not a healthy lifestyle program,
This is an introspective journey, where you’ll learn to reparent and repair your relationship with food, your body and yourself.
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Monday, October 19th, 10am UK / 12pm Israel

Wednesday, October 21st, 12pm NY / 7pm Israel

You can reclaim your power over food and the rest of your life

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Rena Reiser is a Mind-Body & Compassion Coach and host of the “Tune In” podcast. Rena has been featured in Mishpacha, Binah, Wellspring, and the Voice of Lakewood, and continues to guide thousands of frum women to reconnect to their inner voice, and create change in their lives. Rena’s profound insights, unique skill set, and wise and patient approach make women feel “safe, understood and empowered” in her hands.

“Food will become a lot easier once you tap into your inner parent, and learn what mindful, compassionate nourishment looks like.” - Rena Reiser

Hi there! How can I help?

Hi there! How can I help?

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