Tune In: Embodied Dance

I’ve always loved dancing. I’m not the world’s greatest dancer but I’ve always felt most alive and myself when I danced. I could express myself in a way that I felt uninhibited, unlike other ways of “performing” in which I always felt self conscious. To me dance was a line to my life force. Yet, it was hard to find opportunities that were just for women. At least I could dance the night away at simchas.

After I got married, though, it got harder to find opportunities — weddings weren’t as frequent, and life was busy. I wanted to find a dance class and there was always a reason it didn’t work out — either the timing wasn’t right for me as a mother, or it was too choreographed for me after not dancing for so many years, or the focus was on jumping/intensity… in other words, not what I was looking for.

In more recent years I was able to find something that worked for me, and I felt like I could express myself again… I felt alive. I felt me.

But sometimes I wasn’t in the mood for something so structured. I just wanted a space to throw myself into the music and let myself feel free… release what needed to be released.

Sometimes there isn’t time to find words. The body just wants to move. It wants to express. It wants to speak its own language. The body is the assistant to the soul and it can help us express our highest selves to create space within for the Shefa to flow in.

When we dance, the body releases, redistributes, and restores our energy… There’s nothing quite like it.

And that’s why I’m creating Tune In: Embodied Dance! We women need a calm, kosher, and safe space to move, express, and join together. Community, music, dance, and Judaism join together to help us create healing — for ourselves and the world around us. This is a distinctly feminine approach to healing.

Who: Women ages 18-120 of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

What: We will be using breath, movement, music, mind, body, and soul. I’ll guide you to connect to your body. I may suggest types of movements, but you are invited to move your body however you see fit.

Where: Zoom / phone (live only – no recordings)

When: See dates/times below – above the “add to cart” button.

Why: To connect to ourselves and each other using dance in a kosher, accepting, freeing way.

How: Wear comfortable clothes and find a space in your home you can move in freely. You can do this seated or standing — whatever works for you! I’m still healing from a foot injury and will be pacing myself. All the music will be Jewish.

We’ll start off with an attunement to our emotions, followed by stretching, before easing into embodied dance, then we’ll cool down, and finish with a closing attunement. I’ll be available after the class for a few minutes if anyone needs to process anything we did.

Registration for each class closes 15 minutes before the class starts.

Price per class: 30 shekels (approximately $10) through Sukkos, then the price goes up to 45 shekels (approximately $15).

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“Thank you for today’s class. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t seem to find the words at the end to express myself, so I will try now. I feel like the dance class helped me connect with deep parts of myself – past and present – and I finished feeling happily tired and more balanced. In regards to the topic of Elul “I am for my beloved…” – I felt like the message I received was: Hashem has always been with me through all my interesting journeys, is helping me connect and grow from year to year despite what I sometimes experience as distance and challenge. That He does indeed love me as I am, with all my many parts, all my movements, all my strivings and failures, my righteousness and even my rebelliousness and then my great desire to return to Him, all my emotions…as if He can indeed contain me, in my imperfection. I have a place, I have a purpose. A purpose that somehow contains all aspects of my life – past, present and future – and all aspects of my personality – the high, the low and the in-between. B”H may He help me and all of us on the right path always!”
“I really like this more than my exercise routine…”