The RootsWork Group Program

Get to the root of your struggles with food and your body – so you can step into your potential and give yourself the nourishment you deserve.

I’m excited that you’re here…

Over the years I’ve had the honor to work with so many women, and now I’m offering you this opportunity in The RootsWork Program.

So… if you’re ready to take your first step towards:

  • Tuning into your body’s messages (instead of silencing them with mid-night cookie munchies)
  • Listening to your hunger and fullness (rather than skipping breakfast and binging on too many brownies at the kiddush)
  • Letting go of beliefs and patterns around food and body image, that are getting in the way of living your truest self

This is what Rachel H, from New York said about her experience after the program.

“I no longer eat to deal with my stress and I have a great deal of awareness around my eating.  I have a feeling of being connected to my body and I am much more in sync with eating the kinds of food and amounts of food that make me feel good. I am calmer and am actually less stressed out – certainly around my health, food and weight issues, but even around other issues. Not eating to deal with stress is forcing me to deal with my stress in a more productive and healthy manner. If you’re thinking about doing this program…JUST DO IT! This is transformative with results that can change, not just how you look, but more importantly, how you feel – for a lifetime!”

Let’s get started

As a member of The RootsWork program you’ll get:

  • 13 intuitive eating recordings, plus bonus material.
  • One group Q&A session a month to get clarity, understand, and integrate the principles
  • 2 group calls a month to do “Roots Work” using various tools to get to the root of your struggles 

Still got a few questions?

Your FAQ’s answered:

What if I try The RootsWork Group Program and don't like it? Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all purchases are final. Schedule a free call with me to discuss if this is for you, or browse my sample classes, free webinars, and other free content to get a sense if this for you.

I've already spent so much money on diets, and don't want to spend another penny on another food program!

I hear you loud and clear! I really understand what you’re saying. It’s hard to spend more money when you’ve been burnt so many times by big promises. Here are two thoughts that might help you:

1. One of my clients once said to me, “I can’t believe we’re halfway through the program and you haven’t even mentioned carrots! Unbelievable, to have a food program that isn’t about the food!” She’s 100% right. This isn’t about what you eat or don’t eat. This is about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions around food and yourself.

2. I don’t make big promises. None of us humans can. One thing I’ve seen over and over again is that when we finally stop fighting with food and allow it to just be a normal, regular, enjoyable part of our lives…everything in our lives change – for the better! Our relationships with others improve, and we have more time and energy for the things in life that are important to us. So take the plunge. Join the program. Money is one thing that we can always earn back. Our precious time in this world, though, will never be returned to us. Imagine being 80 years old and refusing cake at your birthday party because you’re still fighting with food, only to binge on it later… And now imagine being 80 years old and enjoying cake at your birthday party because you worked through the way you relate to food when you were younger. How many decades of life will this program save you?

Will I lose weight?

The truth is, I don’t know. Some women do, and others don’t. But what women often tell me, is that as they work with me, the pressure and stress around how much they weigh and will they lose weight really dissolves. They start to feel better about their bodies at the weight they are. We won’t ignore that the desire is there – but that isn’t the one and only focus.

Can I download the course materials?

You can (and will gain so much from doing so!) download the worksheets that accompany each module. The modules are available on a recording phone line + on a password protected page on my website, and you will have access to the modules for as long as I run this program (so far that’s over 4 years). This course requires you to stop what you’re doing, sit down, and focus on YOU!

What and when are the coaching calls?

The coaching calls are your opportunity to go deep on this journey, with me as your guide. I’ve always been a big believer in the power of community and therefore in the importance of showing up live together in the online meeting room. The energy of committing to joining at a certain time and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with each other as a group propels us forward in our growth in a way that a recording simply can’t replicate.

We will meet 3 times a month for 60 minutes each time.

My dream coming true through this program is a place where women invest themselves in this journey in a very real and intentional way. Therefore, the recordings of the coaching calls will not be posted.

Circumstances will come up where you may have to miss a class. Don’t panic. Hashem is in charge and will find the way to get you the tools you need.

How many women are in each group?

There are only 3-4 women per group, to create a safe, intimate space for real inner work.

When can I join and when will I be charged?

I open registration a few times a year. If registration is open, there will be a short application below. Please fill it out and I’ll be in touch with you within 48 business hours. If registration is closed, there will be a form to join the waitlist.

Upon admittance to the program you will be charged $170 for 3 consecutive months.

Is The RootsWork Group Program appropriate for women with eating disorders?

If you have an active eating disorder (meaning that you’re heavily restricting calories or purging by use of vomiting/laxatives/extreme exercise) then this program is not for you. Please seek appropriate in-person help. There are many qualified professionals who can help you!

Price of The RootsWork Group Program: $170/month for 3 months.

“Childhood memories have haunted me for many years. No matter how many times I addressed these issues in therapy I couldn’t seem to get past them. Working with Rena over six sessions, I finally broke through the memories that were blocking me from body acceptance, the feeling of never being full, and really feeling my feelings. I am 67 years old and at last I am free to live my life with gusto! Rena’s gentleness yet deep probing helped me immensely. I strongly recommend working with Rena in order to live your best life.”

– Sarah G.

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    Hi there! How can I help?

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