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You might be wondering:

“What’s it like to work with Rena, and how is it different from other methods I’ve tried?”

(Remember you’re always welcome to a free 30-min discovery call with me to talk things through and read my client testimonials here.)

Maybe you’re even a little skeptical?

That’s ok… I love independent thinkers 🙂

Let’s imagine we jump on a call.

You really want to get to the bottom of your:

  • Late-night food/digital binges
  • Negative patterns in relationships
  • Self-criticism and self-esteem struggles
  • Lack of progress in your business

Or anything else that leaves you wondering…

Why can’t I just let go? Why am I still stuck in this pattern?

So we start a session.

As you sit comfortably, I guide you into a quiet, reflective and safe space.

Your thinking-mind begins to slow down.

  • With my gentle guidance, you start to explore, what’s really at the root of your struggles. (You see it’s often not what you think.)
  • As we delve deeper in our sessions, you may be surprised to notice some deep needs or desires that have been calling for your attention, but you’ve been too busy to notice.
  • Along our travels, we might even discover your inner child, and listen to what she has to teach you.
  • You’ll start to uncover subconscious fears or beliefs that may be blocking you from stepping into your potential.
  • Overtime, you’ll learn to tune into your body and discover what happens when you listen to its messages.

Slowly but surely you begin to unravel your story.

Your mind and body relax.

You start to understand yourself, your struggles, your patterns.

You untangle those inner battles, re-discover your self-compassion, and find resolution and closure to life-long conflicts and questions.

Are you wondering how we get to those deep places?

The main technique I use is called Focusing.

What Focusing isn’t: A tool for increasing your ability to focus on your tasks. (Although we could use Focusing to uncover what’s preventing you from focusing on your tasks. 😉 )

What Focusing is: A mind-body tool where I bring you into a state of relaxation, and you focus-in on the parts of your body that are calling for your attention. My clients often use the phrase, “When I focus on the sensation…” without even knowing what this methodology is called. Essentially, it’s a process through which you listen to your inner voice that communicates through your body.

I might also recommend:

  • Non-dominant handwriting
  • Journaling
  • Guided imagery

Whatever tools it takes to access your mind, body and soul’s messages, to tap into your intuition, and get to the root of your struggles.

So you can maximize your potential, and live a life led by your deepest, truest self.

I would be honored to guide you on this inner journey,

**As of August 2021 I am available:

10:30am Israel
8:00am EDT / 3:00pm Israel
9:15am EDT / 4:15pm Israel
11:30am EDT / 6:30pm Israel

12:30pm Israel
9:15am EDT / 4:15pm Israel
11:30am EDT / 6:30pm Israel

8:00am EDT / 3:00pm Israel
9:15am EDT / 4:15pm Israel

Let’s start your inner journey:

1:1 Session

You’re ready to delve deeper and get to the root of negative patterns that get in the way of who you really want to be.

Using different tools and modalities, I’ll help you uncover what’s blocking you from living in alignment with your truest self and stepping into the powerful woman you are.

1:1 regular session
60 mins

Israeli mornings 8:30am-1:30pm: 450 NIS
New York mornings 7:30am-1:30pm: $180

One-Month Inner Work

You’re ready to invest in a month of deep inner work.
Maybe you have a specific struggle or obstacle, and you know that it’ll take a few sessions to feel a shift.
You’re excited to get clarity and resolve negative patterns so you actualize your strengths and lead with your core values.

1-month package of weekly sessions (4)
60 minutes each session

Israeli mornings 8:30am-1:30pm: 1575 NIS
New York mornings 7:30am-1:30pm: $650

Are you looking to ask me questions, get resources, or need help with your business? Book a 60 minute “Walk and Talk” session with me for $75:

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    Hi there! How can I help?

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