Work with me

I’ve helped countless women reach a healthy balance and become intuitive eaters. Let me help you too! Below are options ranging from less expensive to more expensive, with an option for everyone.

You’ve listened to my free training, and you’re ready to invest time, energy, and resources to make life-long changes to your eating and food relationship. Here’s how you can work with me:

1. Mind Over Munchies -- Monthly Membership Program

This is a monthly membership program, great for both those brand new to Intuitive Eating and those somewhat familiar with it. Join for one month and take it from there.

Investment: $25/month

2. Mind Over Munchies - Self-Study Course

If you’re looking to go at your own pace, this is where you want to be. Click the button below for more information and to register.

This program is best for people who think Intuitive Eating sounds like a great idea, and want guidance to make it happen.

Investment: $247-$872

3. Mind Over Munchies - 1-on-1 Program

For women craving Menuchas Hanefesh with food, body and mind.

Working with me 1:1 is for women who are looking for personal guidance on this journey. This is my advanced program, which goes well beyond the basic “how-to” of Intuitive Eating.

Investment: $2250-$2430