Feel great in your own skin, no matter the number on the bathroom scale.

Discover a step-by-step process to:

  • Feel attractive and confident in your marriage without being “perfect”

  • Break the chain of body-hating, so your daughter can shine just as she is

  • Connect to your feminine beauty, before you lose the “extra weight”




A Body Image Program

An 8-week introspective journey, for women aged 18-120.
Learn to LOVE the body you’re in. Stop waiting for it to change.

Do it for:

Your marriage

Your daughter


“I lived through the family simcha and didn’t beat myself up about how I looked. (As a by the way, the dress I was talking to you about fit well b”h). No, I am not as thin as I would like to be, but I am happy and feel alive. In fact, sometimes, I can’t believe that it’s really me!”

You’re a deep-thinking-sensitive woman, looking to live a meaningful and actualized life.

For years, you’ve been telling yourself (and your daughter), “Looks are only skin deep,” and, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

And you mean it.

But the voices in your head suggest otherwise.

“Ughhh I HATE seeing myself in photos.”
“I look in the mirror and all I see is CHIN, chin, and more chin.”
“I can’t go to this wedding. I have NOTHING to wear.”
“I used to love swimming, but I wouldn’t want ANYONE to see me half-dressed.”
“I’m TERRIFIED my daughter has absorbed all this negative body talk”

You know that it’s not really about the extra pounds. Even in your slimmer days, you weren’t happy with how you looked.

Quite frankly, you’re DONE. Done with diet talk. Done with body-hating. Done with being self-conscious around your husband.


But you can’t seem to find your way out. It’s been the underlying commentary for so many years. And it’s not your fault.


It’s everywhere. We’ve absorbed it from secular culture, frum culture, diet culture.


Maybe you’ve been getting subliminal messages from your mom, your aunts and your sisters since you were 11.


What if you could create a new culture of body acceptance for yourself and your family, so everyone could shine, no matter what?

“Before working with you. I was following a rigid diet plan and doing intensive workouts, but bingeing on a steady basis. I had a really hard time accepting my body, no matter how thin I was. I find that I think less about food throughout the day than I used to, and have also changed my outlook on body image and dress sizes…There is so much more to life than counting how many servings of fruits you consumed in a day, weighing ounces of chicken, or being a size XS. It takes a lot of inner work to acknowledge issues… as opposed to simply following strict diet rules and pretending that everything is ok, but the inner tranquility that it brings makes it all worth it!

“But Rena, you can’t convince me that I look good when I don’t!”

You’re right, I’m not here to convince you of anything. The answers will come from you.

What I’ve seen time and time again, is when you get to the root of the issue and learn skills and techniques that you’ve been missing all these years, you don’t need to be convinced. You’ll get insights that will change the way you see your body.

And that’s what Emerge is all about.

It’s an 8-week inner journey to get real and honest about what’s beneath your struggles with body image.

It’s not about “telling yourself you look great” when it doesn’t feel true. It’s about going deep and uncovering your unique story with body struggles. So you can create lasting change. For everyone’s sake.

“Rena, who are you and how did you get into this?”

After working with clients over the past 7 years. I saw the same pattern coming up. Women would tell me. “I hate how I look; I’m not attractive at this weight.” But at the same time, their husbands would reassure them, “I’m attracted to you when you’re happy, not skinny and miserable.” They were convinced their husbands were just saying it! I was seeing a gap and I wanted to bridge it. I was determined to show women that they CAN feel attractive, even if they aren’t size XS. This led me to develop a step-by-step process, based on my own personal process and the work I’ve done with my clients over the years. I draw on my experience as a kallah teacher, intuitive eating counsellor, and mind-body & compassion coach to help women break out of their perfectionism and self-criticism towards making peace with their bodies (and themselves!).

In this program, we’ll explore:

  • When did my body image battle begin?
  • When does it come up in my life?
  • What is it holding me back from?
  • How can mind-body techniques help me get to the root of my body image struggles?
  • How can I feel attractive in the body I have?
  • How can mindfulness methods neutralize the negative body image thoughts?
  • What beliefs and judgments do I have around body image?
  • What events activate a body-image attack?
  • What techniques can I use when this happens?
  • How can I reconnect my mind and body?
  • How can I accept and sit with uncomfortable feelings around body image?
  • What rituals and behaviors are keeping me appearance-focused, and how can I stop them?
  • How can I use exercise and movement to create a positive relationship with my body?
  • How do I teach body acceptance to my children?
  • How can understanding my values help me find peace with my body?

We’ll use the following methods:

  • Reflective writing
  • Mind-body techniques
  • ACT
  • Mirror work
  • Cognitive reframing
  • Mindfulness
  • Guided imagery

So tell me how it works:


    Starting Tuesday, April 20, 2021

  • Price: $200
  • 8 recordings (available by video and phone) available through July 20, 2021
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I really must say – You Gave Me My Life Back!! I was so stressed out about losing my extra weight I literally couldn’t walk on the street without comparing myself to others. I got more confidence and my whole family is enjoying my FREEDOM!!!!
Thank you so much for doing this! May you be successful in reaching out there and giving women the precious gift- “peace of mind” which I got bh!!

I Have Some Questions:

How do I know the change will last? I've tried other courses in the past and the change is short-lived.

This is not a quick fix. I will teach you basic tools and principles that you’ll be able to take with you throughout life. As you practice them, they will become second nature and you may wonder how you managed without them. But it’s not magic. It will take practice.

Will I lose weight through this program?

It’s possible that as you implement these principles and practices your weight will stabilize. But that is not the goal nor the promise of this program. Each woman’s body and internal process is unique and we respect the gentle journey without expecting changes from our body.

I struggle with an eating disorder. Is this for me?

If you have an active eating disorder, are severely restricting calories/foods, and/or purging by vomiting or laxatives, then this course is not for you.

My daughter really struggles. Can I sign her up?

If she’s over 18, then yes. This course has sensitive material.

I want to make friends with my body (and myself).

Hi there! How can I help?

Hi there! How can I help?

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