1. All audio and written material is property of Chana Rena Reiser B’am and cannot be used or reproduced by any person or company without explicit written consent from Rena Reiser, or an official member of Rena’s staff. Participants are absolutely forbidden from recording sessions in any scenario. Any unauthorized reproduction of audio or written material will be subject to legal action and is protected by Torah Law. It is forbidden according to Torah Law to copy or use recordings without permission in all cases, and (l’havdil) is forbidden according to international copyright law. Any questions as to the legality of reproduction should be directed to rena@healthyima.com.

2. By paying, you are agreeing that you fully understand all of the above and below conditions, and you accept them upon yourself. Furthermore, you are agreeing to accept upon yourself the halachic rulings of the authorities (“Poskim”) who maintain that all written and audio material is considered genuine intellectual property and that Chana Rena Reiser B’am is the owner of all the audio and written material coming from her programs.

3. Program Payment: The program fee as outlined HERE and HERE and HERE will be paid in full or will be paid in 3 equal monthly installments. For example, for a $400 program, each monthly payment will be $133.33. The participant thereby agrees to accept all of the following: A debt of the total fee of the program to Chana Rena Reiser B’am for the upcoming program (i.e. there is no option to drop out and request exemption from the completion of additional payment for the program and total payment). Permission is granted to Chana Rena Reiser B’am to charge the credit card on file the appropriate sum on the approved charge dates as agreed upon via email correspondence to participants before the program until all payments for the full fee have been made. In the event that the participant discontinues participation in the program at a date where there are still pending payments for current or past sessions, permission is granted to Chana Rena Reiser B’am to continue to charge the card on file until the full debt has been paid.

4. Additional permission is granted to Chana Rena Reiser B’am and its staff members to attempt to recharge credit cards on file in the event that any payment attempt fails, whether due to insufficient funds, erroneous card number, or any other reason. Both parties agree that the cost of the program is legitimately owed to Chana Rena Reiser B’am, and under no circumstance will either party be able to dispute the legitimacy of this debt, whether through credit card charge backs or through disputing the debt before a transaction has been made. Receipts issued by official employees of Chana Rena Reiser B’am indicating payment of these debts shall be the only proof of a lack of a financial obligation. Subsequent attendance to the live program calls or listening to recordings of the program is not a condition for the legitimacy of this debt.

5. Chana Rena Reiser B’am’s staff will exert reasonable effort (through email communications to the email address on record for the participant and via announcement on the live calls) to make sure the participant is always informed of the program times, changes to schedules, and other important information. Failure to contact the participant about any change in schedule or time is not a basis to demand a refund. Payments for the programs are absolutely non-refundable without exception. Payments for recordings are absolutely non-refundable without exception. Access to the Online Class Vault is a benefit that may or may not be part of future programs. Should the Class Vault not be available, or should the staff not provide the participant with a password in a timely manner, this will not be considered as a means for requesting a refund.

6. Chana Rena Reiser B’am is not responsible for participants who are unable to view the Online Class Vault for whatever reason. Recordings will be made available via phone line for the duration of a group program and are not guaranteed to continue beyond the completion of the program. Chana Rena Reiser B’am is not responsible for any phone, Skype or long distance fee that the participant may incur as a result of calling into live calls or recordings.

7. Special Offers: Offers are only valid as specified on the program registration page and/or in official email communications from Chana Rena Reiser B’am’s Staff. Offers are subject to change and Chana Rena Reiser B’am reserves the right to cancel or suspend offers at any time. Offers cannot be combined.

8. Embodied Dance: The first class is free upon submission of the appropriate form which is linked on the product page here. If instead of filling out the form a payment is submitted it will not be refunded. The payment can be applied to a future session within 1 month’s time of the payment being submitted.

Thank you for respecting our policies thus enabling us to continue our work!

Last Modified Date: 09/11/2021

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Hi there! How can I help?

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