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My Intuitive Eating Journey:

Most of us have had a long and complex journey in our relationships with food, myself included.

Things for me went from okay to bad to very bad to very, very bad.

Somehow, over time, and quite inconspicuously, I had gone from someone who didn’t think too much about my weight to someone who kept a sharp eye on the scale watching every fluctuation of the numbers. Dieting had taken a central role in my life.

It would take a long time and a lot of heartache for me to realize that I had sabotaged my life in three ways.

First of all, despite the fact that I was finally at my “ideal weight”…I felt horrible. I was getting sick too often, I was feeling low energy, unfocused, and irritable. I was definitely not giving my body the type of foods it was asking for; rather, I was giving it the foods other people told me it needed.

Second of all, the more I created restrictions around food, the less control I actually had over my eating. Keeping on the low end of the scale was by no means a natural process and staying there meant a constant battle. Other than the work and the stress behind it all, every simcha, every Shabbos, every stressful event was an endurance challenge to see whether I could withstand my temptations until I would finally break down. And sometimes it would be a day or two later.

Third of all, I was wasting SO MUCH time in my life chasing something that ultimately, didn’t bring me any closer to living life guided by my values: that is, striving to be the best person I could be, working on my middos, avodas Hashem, marriage, mothering, and my life’s purpose. It certainly wasn’t making me any “happier”.

It took a full 6 years of battling until I woke up to the fact that this can not be a long term solution. There had to be a healthier, more balanced way to live.

Eventually I started to discover Intuitive Eating, which I now eat by, and teach to my clients.

Here’s what I know about Intuitive Eating: It provides everything that is missing when you go down the diet/healthy food plan path.


Menuchas Hanefesh.

Living a truly satisfying life, just as Hashem intends it to be.

These things are all under-prescribed. You can’t get them through a diet.

I can help you with this — and SO much more.

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Official Bio:

Rena Reiser is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Her additional trainings include:

Kallah Teacher training (2009)
Life Coach training (2016)
Menuchas Hanefesh training (2017)
ACT & Mindfulness for Trauma (2018)

These combined trainings have created a unique and dynamic skill set for Rena to help Jewish women find the Menuchas Hanefesh they’re craving with food, body and mind.

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Hey there! How can I help?

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