About Rena Reiser

My story. 

My story begins with a conflict. 

Between my left and right brain. Between my masculine and feminine side.

Feminine: “You’re intrigued by people; why not become a social worker? You love quiet and nature; go live on a farm! Listen to your intuition, to what feels good!”

Masculine: “You need to make money! Go do what you’re good at! Be sensible! Become an actuary, study programming. Don’t be so sensitive, keep going!”

Who do you think won?

For many years, my masculine side ran the show in every area of my life. Work, relationships, family, decisions. Everywhere.

On the career front, I made the *smart* choice and managed my own computer programming business. 

And yes, it helped to pay the bills. But it didn’t feel right. 

And I was suffering. Not just at work.

Emotional imbalance. Unsatisfying relationships. Physical pain. 

My inner voice did try to tell me. My body did, too. Sometimes loudly.

But I didn’t know how to listen. 

Eventually, my body made me STOP. And I had no choice but to listen. 

A case of mono, and an introduction to the “mind-body connection” led me slowly and gradually back to a place I’d left as a little girl. 

This was a turning point.

I began to tune in to my needs. And meet them. 

I began to tune in to my body. And listen to her.

I began to tune in to my inner child. And comfort her.

I explored somatic work, mindful dance and the nervous system. I learned “Focusing”, mindfulness and compassion.

As my feminine side awakened, my body and soul found the balance they’d been craving. The expression they’d been aching for.

But this was just the beginning. 

With this new shift. I began to share this experience with other women, and lead them through a similar process.

What began as intuitive eating counseling, lactation consulting, and kallah teaching, way back when, evolved into the deep profound mind-body-soul work that I do today. 

Nowadays I guide women in one on one sessions, lead workshops, and train coaches and therapists to incorporate these techniques and insights into their lives and their work.

Together my clients and students explore places in themselves that they have never accessed. 

We listen to voices that have been silenced and resolve internal conflicts that have been obstructing their way. 

As we restore their balance, their hearts and souls open up. To more shefa, more self-expression, more balance.

So now, I invite you. A fellow deep-thinking sensitive soul…

Who knows that beneath this masculine world, beneath the go go go of modern life…

There’s an untapped potential. A feminine, intuitive, compassionate side of yourself waiting to emerge. 

And there’s an inner voice that reminds you, that when you learn to dance between your masculine and feminine energy…

You’ll restore your balance…your inner harmony…

And you’ll find resolution, clarity, and shefa. 

I’m here when you’re ready. 

Take a look around my site and you’ll see many free resources (articles, podcast episodes, and interviews) and ways to work with me (online workshops and 1:1 coaching) so you can keep learning, growing and getting clarity as you create lasting change.

Start by downloading my free “Tune In Journal”, where you’ll feel what it’s like to tap into your “felt-sense”, get a taste of the work I’m doing, and calm down when you’re triggered:

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Rena Reiser’s trainings include:

Kallah Teacher (2009)
Intuitive Eating Counselor (2015)
Life Coach (2016)
Menuchas Hanefesh (2017)
ACT & Mindfulness for Trauma (2018)
Focusing (2020)

These combined trainings have created a unique and dynamic skill set for Rena to help Jewish women tune into their inner voice to create real and lasting change…at the root.

A few facts about me:

I’m an introvert. (The INFJ type)

I’m a massive food snob.

I live in the Northern City in Israel of Karmiel.

My favorite ways to exercise are hula hooping, yoga, Nia dance, and taking walks.

Activities that bring me joy are learning new things, going out in nature, and dancing like no one’s watching (even when everyone is)

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