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Rena’s kind, compassionate voice has taught me to look inward, but not with a judgmental critical eye; rather, in a curious way that gives me insight and clarity. Nowadays, I am able to listen to my intuition, and be MUCH kinder to myself, because of this journey.”

M. Jerusalem.

Tired of push-push-pushing your way through life?

Experience a new way. Deeper. Slower. Gentler.

You’re a thought-out, truth-seeking Jewish woman and you know A LOT. You’ve read books; you’ve worked on yourself. But often there’s a long journey between your head and your heart. Between your vision and your reality. Between your dreams and your actions.

Despite problem-solving and pep talks, old patterns seem to repeat themselves. Why?

You might assume that:

  • Migraines/physical pain
  • Digital/food binges
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • People-pleasing

Are what’s getting in the way of:

  • Growing your business
  • Experiencing a passionate marriage
  • Lighting Shabbos candles on time
  • Exercising and eating well
  • Or simply taking care of you

But what if there’s a deeper story to uncover?

What if there was a softer, more feminine (and yes, more effective) path towards change?

It’s my honor and mission to help you gently and compassionately tune into yourself. Mind, body, and soul. Together we’ll explore your inner conflicts, get clear on who YOU are, and make space for your deepest needs. We’ll uncover what’s clogging up those internal pipelines. The shefa is ready. Let’s clear the channel to let it in.





“I want to hear more”

So, Rena, who are you?

Hi, I’m Rena. It’s nice to meet you.

I’ll tell you the truth. Although I’ve been coaching and facilitating for over 8 years, I didn’t always speak this language. Quite the opposite.

I was once a linear, black-and-white thinking programmer. I saw life as a math formula. I tried to figure out life’s problems through over-analysis, yet I still wasn’t living in line with my truest values and I was plagued by perfectionism. I was still stuck in old patterns.

Eventually, l realized what I’d known since I was a little girl. To really create change I had to start listening to my body, to her deepest messages, to her sensations, even how she wants to move.

And over the years I’ve allowed this side of myself to emerge. I began to discover various methods and techniques that gave me permission to tune into my body’s deep and profound messages. To make space for those hidden parts of myself that begged to be heard, held, and healed.

And when I did that, I discovered a different kind of wisdom. And it felt right. It felt true. I felt at peace.

Now, I coach highly successful women — from expert stay-at-home Moms, Rebetzins of communities, business owners and high-ranking professionals — and help them live in alignment with their truest, deepest most authentic selves.

I take my clients into a gentle meditative, reflective state, so you can hear your body talking. And yes, she really does talk to you. I watch in awe as my clients learn to embrace themselves with compassion and become observers of themselves, of their lives. This shift leads them to even greater insights, action, and success. Gentle, feminine success.

Through this deep and healing journey, my clients come home to:

Authenticity. Integrity. Alignment.

I am completely blown away. While I consider myself to be very self-aware and mindful in general, before working with Rena, I was doubtful that I would be able to successfully follow the guidance and “tap into my inner-self.” I was quickly proven wrong. During our session, I felt a connection within that I have never felt before. I was ultimately able to suggest to myself ways to succeed in a current issue that I was working through. The experience was powerful within and beyond the session. I continue to think about the imagery and tools that I discovered during the experience, and am so grateful to Rena for helping me succeed in an area that I have been working on for a long time.”

“Rena is a highly skilled and gifted coach, who listens with clarity and perception to what’s going on with her clients. Recently I was working through a very painful situation. Rena held space for me without judgment, reflected back to me what I was experiencing and feeling, and helped open my mind to other ways of looking at the situation. She didn’t jump in and give me a solution. She allowed me to talk things out, process my pain and only towards the end of our session did she ask me if I was open to hearing another perspective. There was no urgency or rush to “fix the problem”.

Working with Rena is a gift.”

– Debbie Sassen, Business, Mindset & Money Coach

Get a feel for this inner work. All by yourself.


A free guided workbook and meditation.
8 simple steps to use whenever you’re triggered, stressed, or need to relax.

Feel your feelings.
Listen to your body.
Tune into your inner wisdom.

Curious which methods and theories my approach is based on?

My work combines profound insights and tools informed by:

The Focusing Technique / Somatic Methods

Feminine / Masculine Energies

Polyvagal Theory

Parts / Inner Child Work

Self-Compassion Techniques

You’re intrigued. You’re curious. Your intuition is whispering “try it”.

Let’s go to new places. Mind, body, and soul.

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