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73 – Awakening Greatness with Sara Shaindel Goldwasser

In this episode I interview Sara Shaindel Goldwasser about how we can awaken greatness in our parenting and relationships.  Sara Shaindel is a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) Trainer. For more info about Sara Shaindel’s upcoming courses and to register please contact AwakeningGreatness123@gmail.com. — Download my free “Tune In Journal” and accompanying guided meditation here. For more…

72 – Inner child work is NOT just about childhood wounds.

“Inner Child Work” It’s become trendy in the self help world. And also controversial. What’s all the noise about? Is it worth exploring? In this episode, we’ll discuss: What’s all the controversy about? What is the misunderstanding about inner-child work? Is inner-child work really dangerous? Is it only safe to do it with a therapist?…

71 – Yom Tov Overwhelm? You’re HUMAN. Practical steps to get YOUR needs met.

Yep, you’re human. Not superhuman. So especially at this time of year you may also be feeling overworked and overwhelmed.  In this episode we’ll explore different techniques to recharge your internal batteries, be kind to yourself, and still get all your tasks done. How do use breathwork and grounding before you lose it How to…

70 – In the garbage? Where do unwanted thoughts and feelings go?

We don’t always want to face our challenging thoughts and feelings.  It’s much easier to ignore them? Right? Well it’s worked until now. Or has it? In this week’s episode we’ll explore: Where do challenging thoughts and feelings go when we ignore them? Does bringing awareness to our problems cause them to get worse?  What…

69 – Willpower is NOT the X factor — so what is?

We’re led to believe that success comes to the person with the most willpower. “I’d be so healthy if only I had willpower” “I’d be so fit if only I had willpower” “I’d be so patient if only I had willpower” Right? Wrong? So if willpower won’t give me the results that I want –…

68 – Vessel of Truth with Fally Klein

This week on the podcast I interview Fally Klein, a hypnotherapist and intimacy counselor in Brooklyn, NY.  We talk about Vessel of Truth. Intrigued? Listen to this episode for more. Sign up for Fally’s course by emailing initiatoryexperience@gmail.com.

67 – Food. Why’s it SO hard to follow a food plan?

Food. Food plans. Argh. Why does food have to be sooooo all-encompassing and stressful?  I know – I’ve been there.  But why is it like that? There must be an easier way.  In this episode we’ll answer:  What is easier than a food plan? What are the basic building blocks to self care? What our…

66 – Guilt, Arguments, and Self-care

One of these things just doesn’t belong… Or does it? Listen in to this week’s episode where I discuss: What self-care really means How to end arguments What to do when you have no time for self-care Is shame a Jewish value?

65 Self-care is Anti-Jewish. Or is it?

We’re taught that a core Jewish value is to keep going, keep trying…and push with all you’ve got. Push push push at all costs… But is that really the most effective way? How does that fit in with the value of self-care?  What about slowing down and taking time for yourself? Is that anti-Jewish? Is…

64 Should I “toughen up” or “soften up”? A NEW survival strategy

When you experience an “out-of-place” emotion, do you:  1) Tell yourself to “toughen up.” and just “keep marching on”? Or  2) Embrace each emotion with gentle compassionate listening and curiosity? Hmmm.  Most of us will instinctively respond like number 1:  Why is that? When did we become so tough on ourselves? How can we get…

63 – Have you met Debbie Downer? (How to gently help her climb out of the dumps)

We’ve all met Debbie Downer. That ever-present-inner voice that always has something negative to say.  She: Second guesses our decisions. Criticizes our parenting (and our husbands). And predicts the worst of our financial situation…  With her discouraging words – she really puts a downer on life. So what can we do with Debbie Downer?  How…

62 – Relationships – Why don’t we get the RESULTS we want?

ARGH. It can be so frustrating when we don’t get the results we want. Our kids don’t cooperate with our orders Our body doesn’t respond to our diet Our husband doesn’t listen to our requests We really want those results, but then we get a resounding no! Where are we going wrong? In this podcast…

61 – We “KNOW” what to do, so why don’t we do it? Let’s talk about REGULATION.

We “know” how to eat healthily. We’ve read a million blogs on home organization. And we made a list of how to build our businesses. So why do we veer off our path and how can we get back on it? Why can’t we maintain the standards we really want , and how can we…

60 – Meet The Kvetch Klub (Find a new way to get your needs met)

We all have areas in our life where we struggle. And often we resort to a good old kvetch. (Which sometimes is needed) but often is the default for lack of a better tool! And then everyone starts firing their advice and opinions at us – Oi vey. That doesn’t help either.  Why is this?…

59 – The gentle yet effective way to change your thoughts (it’s different to most approaches)

I was fed up of our tiny apartment. Our noisy neighbors. The plumbing issues. And I was full of negative thoughts about our situation. What should I have done?  Were my thoughts valid?  Should I have tried to change them? Would that have helped me? At that time, someone told me that my struggles with…

58 – Should I follow my gut-instinct? (The difference between INTUITION and IMPULSE)

We all want to make the “right choices” in our lives (especially the women I work with). We suspect that if we follow our intuition we’ll make better choices, which will lead us towards our goals. But we’re often hesitant to really let intuition guide us. Should I listen to my gut? Is my gut…

57 – Breaking NEWS. Big changes. New podcast name, new business direction. My husband interviews me about this new beginning

I can’t believe this is finally happening! Behind the scenes here in “Rena Reiser Land”, there have been a lot of changes. The truth is, the changes have been bubbling under the surface for nearly three years… But now it’s really happening and we’re gonna spill the beans. In this episode, my husband makes a…

56 – Stop forcing and start feeling: Practical exercises to deal with emotions and impulsive eating

I got this question from one of our listeners. I don’t stop eating until I’m overfull. I know that I don’t need more, but I find myself eating my kids’ leftovers, and taking more food, and I recognize that there’s some sort of emotion that’s driving me to eat, but I don’t know what the…

55 – Calming Meditation: Feel safe and supported when life seems unstable

I know many women are experiencing tension and stress around this whole pandemic. I want to offer you a chance to slow down, and relax with my latest episode. A Calming Meditation: Feel safe and supported when life seems unstable. In this guided exercise I’ll show you how you can: – Pay attention to any…

54 – It’s Motzei Purim – I’m exhausted and surrounded by nosh!

I’m sure you can relate! Listen in to this episode where I share my non-magical tips about getting back into things after Purim.

53 – Not Perfect but Possible: A Deep Purim Preparation

Purim is the time for us to take off our mask and step into who we really are. Listen in for a guided meditation to envision your ideal self.

52 – Instead of eating an apple, I eat nosh

51 – I keep eating more instead of moving on with my day

50 – Healing childhood wounds through our relationship with food

49 – Eating when not hungry? There’s a space

48 – Using A Bandaid to Heal A Broken Bone

47 – Shouldn’t I make my kids finish their plate?

It’s the question of the year!

46 – When we’re emotionally starving

45 – Guided Exercise on Missing Somebody

What do you do when you miss somebody, and there’s no way to fill the void? In this episode I take you through a guided exercise.

44 – What are you truly hungry for?

When we’re hungry, it’s not always for food. What are you truly hungry for?

43 – Binyomin Weil MS RD CDN – Intuitive Eating for Men

Binyomin  Weil, MS RD CDN is Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. He uses intuitive eating and a non-diet approach to help people make eating enjoyable and improve their help. In addition he also works at a genetic metabolic clinic working with people who have rare genetic disorders requiring a specialized diet. He can be reached at (516) 612-8862…

42 – Sara Schwartz, ReJewvenate Studio

Sara Schwartz is a Jewish woman, wife and mom living in LA. She has a passion for expressing herself and Judaism through her artwork @sarasjewishart and dance movement @rejewvenate_studio. She recognizes she is a work in progress and strives for self compassion.

41 – Gila-Rena Duo – Does WLS Fix Binge Eating and Body Image?

40 – Tamar Rothenberg, RDN – Intuitive Eating After Breast Cancer.

Tamar Rothenberg, MS, RDN, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in nutrition for breast cancer thrivers. She is a member of the Oncology Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and has a Certificate of Training in Vegetarian Nutrition. She uses nutrition strategies, intuitive eating, mindfulness, body acceptance, and plant foods…

39 – Gila-Rena Duo – Boring Self-Care

Let’s define this for once and for all!

38 – Rachelle Heinemann, LMHC – Psychoanalysis in recovery

Rachelle is a licensed mental health counselor based in NYC and Brooklyn. She specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and emotional eating as well as exercise addiction and body image struggles. She also works with those challenged by depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties and career stress. ​ Rachelle’s treatment approach is grounded in psychoanalytic…

37 – Feeling Fear with the Gila-Rena Duo

36 – Kindergarten IE vs Graduate Level – The Path of Growth with the Gila-Rena duo

35 – Basya Pessin, LCSW – Challenging Your Beliefs

Basya Pessin is a Psychotherapist licensed as a Clinical Social Worker and Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor. She has been practicing for close to a decade. She sees women, young adults, and teens in her private practice, and teaches social work students. She guides clients to build self awareness and discover how their past…

34 – Aliza Abish – Metaphors in Recovery

In this episode I speak with Aliza Abish, dietitian in Lakewood, where we talk about dieting and eating disorder recovery. Aliza does a beautiful job explaining this using metaphors, which I absolutely love! Before we jump into this episode, I want to let you know that I’ll be leading a workshop on compassion starting next…

33 – Gila-Rena Duo – Post-Sukkos Shame and Guilt

In this episode I get together with Gila Glassberg and we talk about the shame and guilt that many women feel this time of year about their eating on Sukkos…and in life. Apply for coaching with Gila at www.gilaglassberg.com. Apply for coaching with Rena at www.mindovermunchies.com.

32 – Ahuva Gottdiener – Health Without Obsession

In this episode I interview Ahuva Gottdiener of @homegrownkosher about her artisan sourdough microbakery serving the Monsey area (which is under the hashgacha of Rabbi Aron Lankry), and how she goes about making healthy choices for her family without it being an obsession. Order your bread today at www.homegrownkosher.com. Apply for coaching with Rena at…

31 – Gila-Rena Duo – Food and Emotions on Rosh Hashana

In this episode I get together with Gila Glassberg and we talk about the challenges regarding food, family, and emotions on Rosh Hashana, and give some practical tips. Apply for coaching with Gila at www.gilaglassberg.com. Apply for coaching with Rena at www.mindovermunchies.com.

30 – Bari Mitzmann – Stop commenting on people’s size

Bari Mitzmann is a wife, mother of two, and content creator who partners with women of all backgrounds to provide personal growth support. Bari believes the antidote to many 21st century problems facing modern women is more meaningful connection. To that end, she has left a career in teaching and outreach to reach out to…

29 – Tahlia Mollot – Being a larger woman in this world

Tahlia Mollot was born in raised in Brooklyn, NY in “out of town” Manhattan Beach where she enjoyed the rare luxury of Parking Spots and trees. After living in Eretz Yisroel for 6+ years, with her husband and little ones, and a quick layover in Brooklyn for 3 years, she is currently living in Seattle,…

28 – Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE – How to manage a health condition alongside IE

In this episode I talk to Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE, about how to how to manage a health condition alongside IE, and how the two are not a contradiction. Here are some great quotes from this episode: For all those years, I would have to be the one trying to figure out…

27 – Chanchi Milecki – The Soul Styler

Chanchi Milecki is a color and style specialist. Using a holistic approach, she integrates personality, color, body and soul into unified design to highlight a person’s light and strength. Chanchi studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she is a graduate of the Color Designers International, and has been working with clients for…

26 – Blimie Heller – When your daughter wants to lose weight

In this episode I bring Blimie Heller, Parenting Coach, back on the podcast (she was on my very first episode!) to talk about what to do when your daughter wants to lose weight. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you’ll want to check out my coaching program, Mind Over Munchies, where we take the…

25 – Chaya Sara Levin, Rock Solid Self

I interview Chaya Sara Levin of Rock Solid Self. We discuss how to REALLY feel good about ourselves, what is at the root of the way we feel about ourselves, and how to get the most out of our lives with inner peace. Chaya Sara Levin is a self-esteem coach whose dream is to spread…

Episode 24 — Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS

Listen in to Episode 24 of the Jewish Intuitive Eating Journeys podcast where I interview Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS about connecting to our bodies, how shame stops any chance for lasting change, and how to incorporate more creative tools to helps us on this journey called life. Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS is a graduate of…

Episode 23 — Listener Q&A with Rena Reiser

In this episode I answer questions like: 1) How do I eat healthy on a kollel budget? 2) Intuitive Eating sounds like a pipedream — help?! 3) If someone is overweight, isn’t it better for them to go on a diet?

Episode 22 — Fay Brezel, founder of OKclarity.com

Episode 21 — Esther Goldstein, LCSW — healing mind, body, and soul

Esther Goldstein LCSW is psychotherapist and trauma specialist who runs a private practice called Integrative Psychotherapy, located in Cedarhurst of the Five Towns of Long Island, NY. Esther’s practice provides treatment focused on healing individuals on mind, body and soul levels. Esther feels humbled to be involved in the healing and transformative work of both…

Episode 20 — Ruchi Koval — Ruchi’s journey, husbands, and acceptance

Ruchi Koval is the co-founder and Associate Director of Congregation JFX, a kiruv community in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been a Jewish educator for two decades, leading mussar groups for adults and teens, and mentoring educators around the world. Ruchi is a certified parenting coach, motivational speaker, musician, author, and mother of seven. She is…

Episode 19 — Shevi Samet — Pesach freedom, food freedom

Shevi Samet has been educating women and girls for the last 15+ years. A sought after kallah instructor and mentor, she is known for her ability to reach students from across the Jewish spectrum with passion, clarity and in depth knowledge of halacha and haskafa. Having served as a campus Rebbetzin and as a high…

Episode 18 – Rivki Berman, MS, RD – Pesach Prep with Intuitive Eating

Rivki Berman is a Registered Dietitian and owner of RB Nutrition, a private practice in Fair Lawn, NJ. Rivki practices a realistic, sustainable, intuitive eating approach to nutrition and health and works with all adults looking to change and improve their relationship with food for good. Her specialties are in PCOS, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, and…

Episode 17 — Chava Lederer, MSc.

Chava Lederer, MSc., is a psychotherapist in private practice in Jerusalem. She works with adolescents and adults, specializing in shock and complex/developmental trauma, as well as disordered eating and body image. She welcomes questions, comments, and inquiries at ledererchava@gmail.com.

Episode 16 — Dina Cohen, MS RDN CEDRD

Dina Cohen, MS RDN CEDRD, is the owner of EatWellSoon, a practice that provides nutritional counseling for clients of all ages and specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. Dina utilizes a Health at Every Size approach to support her clients in adopting healthy behaviors without making the scale the boss. She is dedicated to…

Episode 15 – The Gila-Rena Duo

In this episode, Gila Glassberg joins me as we clear up a misunderstanding about one aspect of Intuitive Eating.

Episode 14 – Eliana Cline, The Feeding Coach

Eliana Cline lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and children. Her own traumatic feeding experience when her eldest child was 4 months old led her to the trust-based feeding model which transformed her family’s life. She now teaches parents how to feed their children with confidence and handle common feeding struggles which arise.…

Episode 13 – Rachel Tuchman, LMHC

Rachel Tuchman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with over ten years of experience. She has worked with many diverse populations including incarcerated women at Riker’s Island Correctional Facility, kids and adults with developmental delays, kids with behavior issues, overwhelmed parents looking for skills and support, teens struggling with the pressures of adolescence and…

Episode 12 – Yaffi Lvova, RDN

Yaffi Lvova, RDN is an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (follow this link to read why nutrition credentials are essential) and a proud mom of twins plus one. She created Toddler Test Kitchen as a way to introduce children to unfamiliar foods in a safe way—a way that builds confidence and self-reliance, while spending quality time…

Episode 11 – Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, CEDRD

Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, CEDRD, INC. Private Practice. Robyn began her career at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles as the in-patient dietitian in the Department of Cardiology. Over the last twenty two years she has developed her own private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, where she specializes in medical conditions, disordered eating, eating disorders,…

Episode 10 – Aviva Barnett, MSW

Aviva Barnett, MSW, is a Three Principles educational consultant, certified IHEART (Innate Health Education And Resiliency Training) facilitator and Transformational Seminar Leader. For over a decade, Aviva has been sharing a psychological paradigm that promotes hope and healing via workshops, seminars, community events and private consulting sessions. She also trains others practitioners. Her presentations are…

Episode 9 — Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S is the co-author of the book that started this all — Intuitive Eating! Website: www.evelyntribole.com

Episode 8 – Bracha Kopstick, RD

Bracha Kopstick is a Registered Dietitian with a private practice based in Toronto, Canada. She helps parents feed their children in a way that is nourishing and stress free. Through her counseling, blogs, and speaking presentations, Bracha aims to set children up with the food relationship and eating skills to be well- long term! Website:…

Episode 7 – Rachel Goodman, RD, CDN

Rachel Goodman is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a private practice based in Brooklyn, NY where she helps Jewish moms rid themselves of food guilt & anxiety so they can live life fully in health and happiness – without food stress! She also helps people live a nourishing life in mind, body, and soul through…

Episode 6 – Faigy Pollock

Faigy Pollock is the creator of “Unblock Your Way to Oneness”, a comprehensive course on the Torah’s perspective of marital intimacy and practical application of that knowledge. Faigy is a certified EFT practitioner and acclaimed kallah teacher. Through her work in EFT Faigy has helped hundreds of women overcome hardships in their marriages with her…

Episode 5 – Miriam Raskin

Miriam Raskin, AKA, freedom dancer, uses dance to empower women and girls to join the bandwagon of food and mental freedom. Her message is to let go of the feigned control we think we have on our lives, and to give that over to the legitimate overseer. It is the singular way that we could…

Episode 4 – Pnina Baim

Pnina Baim is the director of development and career school programs at TTI. She is also the editor of chief of design and publisher of Tmunah Jr, a Torah magazine for children where all members of our community are represented. See past issues on tmunah.com and amazon.com. She has also published three books, including a…

Episode 3 – Rivky Oster

Rivky Oster lives in Monsey, NY, and is very passionate to get the message out to the world that dieting does not work and there is another way, since she has been in those shoes!! She’s currently in training to be an Intuitive Eating coach to spread the message to as many woman as she can.…

Episode 2 – Gila Glassberg, MS, RDN, CDN

Gila Glassberg is a Master’s level registered dietitian located in Woodmere, New York. She is passionate about helping frum women like herself make peace with themselves through the process of self care and intuitive eating. She is compassionate and authentic – as she has changed her own relationship with herself and with food using the…

Episode 1 – Blimie Heller, Parenting Coach

Blimie Heller is a wife and mom who is passionate about helping parents raise their children in the most gentle and respectful way possible. She discovered intuitive eating around 2 years ago and has been on the journey for over a year now. The joy and liberation she found when finally giving up the diet…

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