84 – “My house is a mess” – A mind-body approach

“My house is such a mess. I literally can’t stay on top of it…I just can’t bring myself to be cleaning up all day; I don’t value it…. I do want my house to be cleaner. I could get a home organizer and a cleaner, but then it would just be a mess again! I think I need a more inside out approach to it. Is there a mind body answer to becoming more tidy?”

A listener is struggling with keeping her house clean. But this episode is really relevant to any change you want to make in your life.

She wants to know if there is a mind-body approach to help her break through this issue.

Tune into the episode as we explore:

  • How is black and white thinking stopping you from moving forward.
  • How to create a loose-structure for change, and why it’s so important not to be rigid
  • How to tune into your body to check if the desire for change is authentic.
  • How to use the mind-body connection to create change in your life

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