Tune into your best business asset — your body’s wisdom.

Your business means a lot to you. It’s not just about making money, but an intrinsic expression of who you are. You’re inspired to do great things, to create, to guide, to lead and you’re ready to take your next step. To reach more of the right people, and share your unique message with the world.

You have ideas and offerings that light you up. BUT…

“Do I sound all over the place?”
“My brand messaging still doesn’t feel right.”
“Does anyone really get what I do?”
“Why can’t I narrow down my niche?”
“Am I going in the right direction?”

Here’s why: You’re missing 80% of the picture. Your body.

All our lives we’ve learned to rely on structure, goals, and our thinking minds to solve life’s problems. To determine our next step. To make “good decisions”.

Yet despite hours of thinking and talking, for some reason, you still get stuck. You feel misaligned and misunderstood. Your energy flow is blocked. But is there an alternative? Yes. By learning your body’s code, and listening to it.

Introducing: Mind-Body-Business.

A 1:1 program for the conscious entrepreneur.

Leave your left brain at the door, and tap into a powerful wellspring of wisdom, buried deep within.

By listening to your body’s inner messages, tuning into the deep feminine wisdom and guidance that lies there, you will align with your truest self. And let the SHEFA flow.

Tune in to your body's wisdom, so you can share your message with the world.

When you learn to listen — I mean really listen — you stop overthinking whether you should first spend $$$ on marketing/ads/a shiny new website. You stop signing up for yet another business program, and instead, you discover YOUR common denominator. You get clear on which way to turn, and move forward with confidence, clarity, and conviction. You discover the ultimate business mentor. YOU.

Let your body do the talking.

“I am completely blown away. While I consider myself to be very self-aware and mindful in general, before working with Rena, I was doubtful that I would be able to successfully follow the guidance and “tap into my inner-self.” I was quickly proven wrong. During our session, I felt a connection within that I have never felt before. I was ultimately able to suggest to myself ways to succeed in a current issue that I was working through. The experience was powerful within and beyond the session. I continue to think about the imagery and tools that I discovered during the experience, and am so grateful to Rena for helping me succeed in an area that I have been working on for a long time.”

WHO: Creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, course creators, coaches, business owners (who have read this website, and know that it’s time for something different.)

WHAT: 1:1 Mind-body business program

WHY: Because there are plenty of books and advice out there, but you’re ready to grow your business from a more intuitive, more feminine place.

HOW: We’ll start off with 2 x 1-hour sessions, a week apart. These sessions will help set the foundation for the next step. Then we’ll meet weekly (or twice a week – up to you) for a half-hour at a time, for 8 times.

COST: $975* (mornings NY) / 2350* nis (mornings Israel)
*Beta rate for the first 3 spots, then $1500 / 3500 nis

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