60 – Meet The Kvetch Klub (Find a new way to get your needs met)

We all have areas in our life where we struggle.

And often we resort to a good old kvetch.

(Which sometimes is needed) but often is the default for lack of a better tool!

And then everyone starts firing their advice and opinions at us – Oi vey. That doesn’t help either. 

Why is this?

What do we really need when we’re struggling? 

I know what I need. 

Tune into this week’s episode to understand 

– Why we get sucked into the kvetch klub and what’s the alternative

– Where’s the potential for change really found?

– What helped us improve our erev Shabbos rush, and what’s the underlying principle 

– The difference between kvetching and coaching

– Why do we want to cry when everyone shoots their opinions and advice at us, and what would be more helpful 

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