98 – Be a “positive person”? With negative emotions? Here’s how.

We all “want” to be positive people.

But negative emotions happen. We get hurt. We feel triggered. We experience negative interactions with the people around us.

So what are we supposed to do when this happens? If we focus on the negative emotion won’t we become negative? 

In this episode I answer a great question from a listener. In doing so we’ll explore:

  • How do we typically deal with negative feelings?
  • What’s the ideal way to deal with them?
  • How Parts Theory changes the way we experience negative triggers 
  • What is “The Greater Me” or “The Container Me” and how does it affect your response?
  • How to experience all feelings (even positive ones) from a place of presence 
  • What happens when I become an observer of my e-motions. The energy in motion. 
  • How to develop a super strong core self and be more resilient 
  • Why this is so central to the work I do today

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