58 – Should I follow my gut-instinct? (The difference between INTUITION and IMPULSE)

We all want to make the “right choices” in our lives (especially the women I work with).

We suspect that if we follow our intuition we’ll make better choices, which will lead us towards our goals.

But we’re often hesitant to really let intuition guide us.

Should I listen to my gut? Is my gut instinct my intuition? Will I make the wrong decision? What is right for me?

Or, as one of my clients shared with me: 

 ״What if following my intuition leads me to make poor choices?״

There’s a lot of confusion around what intuition really is – and isn’t. 

It felt like time to clear up some myths about intuition and gut instinct, and really break it down, so we can all make more confident decisions that are right for us.

In the latest episode #58 we’ll explore:

  • What are the essential differences between intuition and impulse 
  • How far should we allow our gut-instinct to inform our decisions
  • Why do people make poor choices
  • Why you’ll never make a mistake if you do listen to your intuition 
  • How can we practically access our intuition

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