Episode 24 — Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS

Listen in to Episode 24 of the Jewish Intuitive Eating Journeys podcast where I interview Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS about connecting to our bodies, how shame stops any chance for lasting change, and how to incorporate more creative tools to helps us on this journey called life.

Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS is a graduate of New York University Graduate School of Social Work and has trained in Psychoanalysis at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center. She works with adults, families, and children. She is trained in the human condition, helping individuals as they strive to grow and heal. In her work, she strives to meet patients wherever they are – through the tough times and the happy times, through the difficult memories and through the pleasant recollections. She helps the people she works with hold space for their troubling experiences, process their traumatic histories and memories, and walks alongside them as they create new realities.

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