91 – Tune In: Discover Your Inner Wisdom

On this past Sunday, I led a sample class for my upcoming program, Tune In: Discover Your Inner Wisdom.

You can listen to the recording & register for the program here.

Bring your favorite warm drink and an open heart and mind…

On the agenda:
I started off with a grounding meditation
I taught a bit about connecting to our inner wisdom
We discussed a bit
We practiced what we learned (not recorded)
We returned with glowing faces and discuss some more

A bit about the upcoming program:

This brand new course is open to women who want to learn how to distinguish the voice of their intuition from the voice of their inner critic. It is the 1st part in a series.

For many of us, our decision making is hampered because we mistake our inner critic as our voice of reason. We act from fear, confusion, and unfair expectations. By learning to find the voice of your intuition, you’ll discover a world of trust and compassion you didn’t know existed. You’ll finally be in a place to grow and make powerful changes.

This course will be the prerequisite for all my other upcoming courses.

The group is limited to 8 women. We meet over zoom with our videos on, and practice in pairs during and between sessions.

Time: Sundays 9-11am EDT / 4-6pm Israel – 10 meetings April 25 – July 11 (excluding Erev Shavuos and the Fast of 17 Tammuz).

Join us here.

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Hi there! How can I help?

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