Episode 19 — Shevi Samet — Pesach freedom, food freedom

Shevi Samet has been educating women and girls for the last 15+ years. A sought after kallah instructor and mentor, she is known for her ability to reach students from across the Jewish spectrum with passion, clarity and in depth knowledge of halacha and haskafa.
Having served as a campus Rebbetzin and as a high school and seminary educator, Mrs. Samet understands the needs of young adults, both in and out of the classroom setting. A native Montrealer, Shevi has engaged in extensive training, guiding hundreds of women and couples in establishing their marriages. She is known for her energetic delivery and engaging text based discussions which explore fundamental hashkafa topics, specifically Relationships and Women in Judaism. While she struggles to maintain her Canadian accent despite years of New York living, the reputable warmth and sincerity of her hometown have remained with her.

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