96 – “Comparisonitis” is a symptom. Let’s explore the root cause.

How often do we compare ourselves to people around us?

Is it just a bad case of comparisonitis? Or is there something deeper going on? 

Anyone who knows me well will have guessed the answer.

Of course, there’s a deeper cause of comparisonitis. But what is it?

In this episode, we dig a little deeper and explore:

  • Why do we compare ourselves to others?
  • What is the root of comparing ourselves?
  • How does this differ from person to person?
  • What has this got to do with unmet needs?
  • What is our misconception about needs?
  • What is the definition of “needs”?
  • What happens when we tap into our needs?
  • When do needs become problematic?
  • What happens when we go into our hearts and bodies?
  • What happens when you listen to your own needs?
  • How does this affect how we relate to other people?
  • How does this impact other behaviors?
  • How does this connect to the time period we’re in?

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