76 – It’s okay to want your body to change. How to find the middle ground.

In this week’s episode we answer the following question about BODY ACCEPTANCE:

“On the one hand, I totally connect to the whole positive body image thing. No matter my weight, I can accept my body. 

When I exercise, it’s out of love not to change it. But on the other hand, I would like to be a few pounds less.

Is that a contradiction? Have I fallen into diet culture? 

What am I not getting? I feel like it’s not black and white. But I can’t seem to find the middle ground. So now I’m not doing anything. help me figure this out.”

In the show, we’ll explore:

  • How to find the middle ground between body acceptance and wanting to change?
  • What happens when we try to control outcomes?
  • How is this similar to parenting?
  • Why following a food plan doesn’t have to contradict body acceptance?
  • How does exercise look when it’s not just to change your body?
  • Why is flexibility so central?

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