74 – The Feminine Support System (and why we need it)

What’s getting in your way of asking for help?

  • I’m ashamed: “Everyone else has their lives together; why do I need it?”
  • I’m scared: “Will they just give us their opinion; are they going to just listen?”
  • I’m strong: “I’ll be ok I made it this far; I’ll keep going”
  • I have clarity: “I’m working forward on my goals already; I know what I’m doing”


In this week’s episode we’ll explore: 

  • Can we feel supported by a lamppost?
  • What happens when we get the support we need?
  • The paradox of needing a mentor but not needing coaching.
  • Why is it so hard to ask for help?
  • What’s it got to do with your feminine energy?

Listen in:

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