63 – Have you met Debbie Downer? (How to gently help her climb out of the dumps)

We’ve all met Debbie Downer.

That ever-present-inner voice that always has something negative to say. 


Second guesses our decisions.

Criticizes our parenting (and our husbands).

And predicts the worst of our financial situation… 

With her discouraging words – she really puts a downer on life.

So what can we do with Debbie Downer? 

How can we make her our friend not our enemy – and what might happen when we do that? 

How can we gently stop her from getting in our way? 

What is the role of compassion in dealing with dear Debbie? 

Why is this the perfect time of year to understand compassion?

How are we used to tackling the inner critic and what’s a more effective way?

Tune into this week’s podcast to find answers to these questions and more…

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