The art of Compassionate Communication

Learn to communicate effectively so everyone feels heard — including YOU.

You dreamed of creating a calm and loving environment where everyone is heard, validated AND appreciated.

But more often than not, you wind up:

  • Exhausted and burnt out (wishing you knew how to say NO more and put yourself first)
  • Resentful and negative (‘cause your own needs are always the last on the list)
  • Raising your voice (in a desperate attempt for someone to listen)

You feel like you’re always keeping everyone happy. Holding it in. Biting your tongue.

And then all it takes is one more comment.


Your inner pressure cooker heats up, your patience boils away with the chicken soup.


So what CAN you do?

Hi, I’m Rena. I want to help YOU.

I’m a Mind-Body & Compassion Coach, host of the Tune-In podcast, facilitator and course creator.

Over the past 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of women to work through their emotional eating, body image, perfectionism, people-pleasing and struggles in their marriage…

But what’s that got to do with communication?

Let me explain.

In my work with women 1:1, or in a group setting, we peel away layers to get to the root of these struggles.

More often than not, we uncover something that is common to many women. (Myself included)

  • They struggle to communicate their own needs, while taking care of everyone else.
  • They’re stuck in old patterns of people-pleasing, and don’t know how to be assertive.
  • They feel angry, and negative and then, people around them pay for it.

It’s my own journey, as well as the journey of these sensitive, conscious women I work with, that inspired me to create this program.

Connected: The art of Compassionate Communication.

I’ve developed a step-by-step process, based on different modalities, to teach you to tune into your own needs, and communicate effectively so everyone feels heard — including YOU.I draw on my years of experience as well as principles and tools from:
NVC – Nonviolent Communication
Self Compassion
Polyvagal Theory

And I’m excited for you to join us.

If you’d be relieved to:

  • Tune into your own desires and needs — and express them honestly and confidently
  • Understand the difference between being “nice” and being a “push-over” and discover a world where you can be nice, without ignoring your self
  • Notice where you’re saying YES, when you really want to say NO, and start to say no, without guilt.
  • Make clear requests (not demands) to the people around you so you feel less like a shmattah
  • Know how to respond when someone else is being demanding, critical or manipulative

The communication and respect in my home is SO MUCH BETTER. Ask my husband!

“I thought I was a pretty good communicator, but really I was just biting my tongue, ignoring my own needs, and eventually lashing out. With Rena’s guidance, I’ve learnt to really listen to myself, to communicate MY needs too, and set healthy boundaries. I don’t feel like a shmattah. The communication and respect in my home is SO MUCH BETTER. Ask my husband :)”

Wondering if this program is for you?

If instead of…

  • Feeling like people are always taking advantage of you
  • Wondering why everyone gets defensive and snappy when you ask for their help
  • Being resentful at your job because you can’t ask for a raise
  • Giving-in to the bossy manager in the store and not getting the return you deserve
  • Begging for recognition and appreciation for your husband, kids and colleagues
  • Feeling like a naggy wife and mom

You wish that…

  • You could set healthy boundaries and had the confidence to be assertive when necessary
  • You understood why they were getting defensive, so that you can help them get what they need, and you can request what YOU need
  • You could confidently ask for the raise you deserve
  • You could be more assertive in situations and express what you really want
  • You recognized and appreciated what you need and communicated that to others
  • You could communicate your needs confidently and clearly to your husband and kids

Rena is simply a gifted facilitator and teacher. Wise, human, deeply compassionate herself.

“I learned just how healing and valuable it is to greet another with more compassion and empathy…I had the tools to be with the pain of a loved one and even my own unexpressed pain…Rena is simply a gifted facilitator and teacher. Wise, human, deeply compassionate herself… Thank you Rena.”

So, what do you get when you join this program?

  • Live Classes on Tuesdays

    Starting Tuesday, February 2, 2021

  • Registration is now closed!
  • 6 LIVE classes Tuesdays at 10:00am NY
  • Zoom / phone
  • Recordings of the 6 classes until 1 week after the end of the program
  • Join my mailing list to get on the waitlist

I Have Some Questions:

I’m skeptical. Isn’t “compassion” just being too nicey-nicey?

Compassion has a bad rap and it’s widely misunderstood. It’s associated with being “too nice”, but that’s not compassion, that’s being a pushover. Real compassion begins with self-compassion. Only when you are tuned into yourself can you really be compassionate towards another person.

I’ve been a people pleaser for as long as I can remember. Can I really change?

Some of my favorite clients have been people-pleasing for years. Yes, it’s a life-long pattern, but there are basic reframes and tools that totally shift the way you relate to yourself and to other people — even if it’s been your go-to for years.

I’m in an abusive marriage. Is this for me?

If you are in an abusive marriage, then this course is not for you.

I thought you help women who are struggling with food?

I’m a Mind-Body & Compassion coach. That means that I use various tools from within the “Mind-Body and Compassion toolbox” to help women struggling with different areas in their life. It may be food, body image, communication, assertiveness, perfectionism…

But after years of coaching, I’ve learned that these struggles are often rooted in very similar “places”, and that there are a number of principles, tools and paradigms that can radically affect your experience with each of these issues.

For someone who IS struggling with food, this will help you with your relationship with food, because when you tune into what you need you don’t turn to food in the same way.

I want everyone to feel heard (including myself).

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