Intuitive Eating Coaching Testimonials

“I got so much awareness, not only in the area of eating. I find myself being so much better in taking care of myself — the self care part we had gone through, and just tuning in to what it is that I want, and what it is that I need. My life really changed in a lot of ways. People won’t see the changes, but I feel the difference. I’m a lot more compassionate to myself than I used to be, to the point where I feel like, “That was so mean of me not to be compassionate to myself!” I feel almost like the amount of compassion that I had for other people reflected zero of the amount of compassion I had for myself. I don’t know why I wasn’t treating myself as equal to other people. Why was I being so mean to myself? I’m finding there are so many areas where you really helped me out and I am very grateful for that. I don’t even have the words to give you the exact details of what’s going on — even with the going to sleep on time, it’s everything! The whole reframing of EVERYTHING. My whole thought process is going in a total different direction. It’s really amazing. You helped me get on to the right path and I’m just going to continue on. It really helped me in my relationships with others…in the point that I learned that I’m a human being, and I have to take care of myself. Part of my problem in my relationships is just being a big victim. A lot of the part of being able to stand up for myself, a lot of the tools I got were not davka from my therapist, but a lot of it I picked up from you. At a certain point I felt like I was even gaining more skills through this — for my relationships and for other things — besides for my eating part. I thought Intuitive Eating is Intuitive Eating. But you ended up going in so many different angles where my whole thought process is totally different. I feel I have more backbone to myself now. I feel so changed and it’s amazing…it’s really amazing. Thank you very much!”

“Before working with Rena, I over ate regularly. I was very confused, edgy, not confident and very self conscious.

After working with Rena, I am a lot more grounded and calm. Besides the emotional toolbox that Rena gave me, I have a real understanding of why I am turning to food.
I now understand that I am a respected, beautiful person and I matter.
When I have emotions that come up or I feel like I need a break, I need to respect them, respond to them and take care of them, because otherwise they will take a break themselves which looks pretty ugly (overeating)
I am much more confident and accepting of myself and others.

Thank you Rena you are AMAZING!”

“Thank you Rena for a really powerful call. I really appreciate your time, effort and energy. It is very clear you really know what you’re doing and you somehow got such extreme emotions out of me with what seemed like simple questions. In 1 phone call you brought up so many issues I had with food that I thought I resolved or that I didn’t even know I had. I’ve done quite a bit of self work and the fact that you were able to bring up so much for me so quickly was incredible! It’s only been a day since our call but I already see my habits changing and I’m so much more aware of my thoughts around food and my body! Thank you for getting me one step closer to a healthy body and mind!”

“I can honestly say that since I’ve been working with you my physical, mental and most of all my emotional health has taken a sharp turn for the BETTER!!! I have more energy and clearer mind with a “can do” attitude and I’m happier, more joyful – living in the moment – more compassionate and self accepting to myself and others – my communication/connection with my family is so much more open and loving…. and I can go on….
Rena- I’m behind your avodas hakodesh all the way!! If these are my results I can imagine how much love and light you are spreading around the world- one precious Jewish woman at a time!”

– Binah D.

“Working with Rena Reiser has been a pleasure. Rena helped guide me from the beginning awkward stages of intuitive eating to place of confidence in both my body and my intuition. Utilizing my internal cues, Rena helped me find my own answers. Our sessions were interesting and filled with many realizations. I enjoyed every one. Rena was an astute professional who counseled without judgement. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested or would like to improve their intuitive eating process.”

– Pnina Baim

“Rena has completely changed my life. She has taught me how to be patient and compassionate towards myself. She helped me tap into my inner strength and learn to set healthy boundaries. She walked me through the intuitive eating process, guiding me on my own journey to coach clients through this amazing, life altering process.

Before working with Rena: everything was a linear process, only success oriented. After working with Rena: I no longer have frequent “black and white” thoughts and I realize that effort equals success.

Thank you Rena!”

– Gila Glassberg, MS RDN CDN
Certified Intuitive Eating Coach
Woodmere, NY

“Wow so this is it! Won’t call it the end rather the beginning of a whole new look, whole new perspective, whole new sense of calm between myself and my body! Intuitive eating has been a journey beyond my furthest imaginations. It has opened up my mind to a way of living I would never imagine! To try to explain intuitive eating wouldn’t be giving it fair justice…in a nutshell though it restores peace between mind and body in its relationship with food and view of diet lifestyles…once you taste it you’ll be back for more!

BEFORE working with Rena: food was the monster and I was its victim
AFTER working with Rena: food is just food and I am the one saying yes or no
I recommend Rena for her deep insight, her clarity, and passion regarding intuitive eating. This is one program where you have all to gain while doing it! It’s a win win situation!!

Thank you Rena for being there in your support, wisdom, and most of all your HEART AND COMPASSION in helping others!”

– Shevy

“Hi Rena,

I’ve been wanting to email you for a while, but life kind of got in the way of me sitting down and writing to you. Last night’s Chanuka party made me realize just how much I’ve changed, and I couldn’t push it off any longer.

I hosted a Chanuka party at my house and was sitting next to someone who recently started the same diet plan that I used to follow. As I was listening to her describe how Chanuka parties are like battle zones and she is prepared to fight and control herself, I realized how I used to think like her, and how far I’ve come. She continued by describing how she literally starved at a recent wedding, didn’t touch any food besides for some raw salad, pickles, and cut up fruit, and because she was “good”, she treated herself to a diet ice cream when she got home.

Listening to it from an IE perspective, I realized how warped that kind of thinking is, and how much calmer and happier I am since I’ve given myself permission to live and enjoy the bracha around me (not only food). I stop multiple times during the day just to enjoy holding my baby daughter and talk to her. I eat and am aware of what’s going in my mouth. I listen to what I need instead of quieting my inner voice with cake. I handle the day to day stresses of life by reframing my negative thoughts and perceptions.

I lived through the family simcha and didn’t beat myself up about how I looked. (As a by the way, the dress I was talking to you about fit well b”h). No, I am not as thin as I would like to be, but I am happy and feel alive. In fact, sometimes, I can’t believe that it’s really me!

Thank you for being the catalyst for my very own Chanuka miracle.

A freilichen Chanuka,

“Before working with you, I had a tendency to eat when I was nervous, stressed out, or upset. I was following a rigid diet plan and doing intensive workouts, but bingeing on a steady basis. I had a really hard time accepting my body, no matter how thin I was.

After working through your program, I have achieved a sense of calm near food. I no longer go crazy when I see cake or cookies (my previous binge foods), and have since gone out to eat and ordered what I really wanted to eat then, not only food from the diet section of the menu. I also learned to tune in to my body’s hunger, thirst, fullness, and tiredness signals, often asking myself what my body really needs at that given moment, so I can take proper care of myself. Additionally, since I am aware of when I am full, I have almost completely stopped eating due to emotional reasons, and instead try to focus on dealing with the issues directly, as opposed to burying them under a pile of food wrappers. I find that I think less about food throughout the day than I used to, and have also changed my outlook on body image and dress sizes.

I would recommend your program to anyone looking to achieve true Menuchas Hanefesh (just as you described it!) There is so much more to life than counting how many servings of fruits you consumed in a day, weighing ounces of chicken, or being a size XS. It takes a lot of inner work to acknowledge issues with one’s relationship with food and deal with them correctly, as opposed to simply following strict diet rules and pretending that everything is ok, but the inner tranquility that it brings makes it all worth it!

Thanks for guiding me along this journey.”

– Yonah S.

Click to listen to an audio testimonial from my client Shulamis and her husband!

“Rena, I cannot thank you enough for the life changing journey you have guided me on. When I signed up for the program I thought it would be all about food – and, though I definitely learned a lot about my relationship with food and have made progress in that aspect, the program was about so much more than food. It has literally been life-altering, spilling over and affecting so many areas of my life. We delved into topics such as stress management from a place deep inside, self care following a sense of self worth and self respect, the whole realm of emotions, my relationship with myself, and even with Hashem and with others. Rena, your Intuitive Eating program seemed like a perfect solution to my eating issues, but surprisingly was so much more, and has brought so much meaning into my life in so many areas. I especially gained from your insightful and practical one on one coaching, and always came away with a feeling that you “got me”. Thank you for teaching me so much over the course of the program and I really feel like it is a process I will be taking with me going forward…Thank you!!!!!”

– Batsheva K.

“Before working with Rena, I saw food as my enemy-and I am thin!! I had been dieting since high school and was so distraught that I could not keep to a healthy eating lifestyle. I was in a state of cognitive dissonance- I knew I should make food choices that honored my health as much as my palette but I couldn’t make it happen. When I tried to “eat healthfully” it was with such deprivation that it was unsustainable!

After working with Rena, I feel I am on the right path. I see food as a gift from Hashem that is there to nurture and satisfy me. I know that I can eat any food I want. I have learned to be present when I am eating (first I needed to learn that – yes! – I am meant to sit and enjoy meals). I am empowered to listen to my innate wisdom as to what food I should eat at any given time. I have been exploring many healthy dishes and I am eating the ones I enjoy. I just really enjoyed a salad – frozen strawberries and blueberries, apples, grapes, and a bit of lemonade concentrate. Yum! That’s a major upgrade from my apples I ate (as I have learned in my journey that I don’t like plain apples and that’s OK).

I recommend working with Rena because her sharp yet soothing approach will move you forward on your food journey. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy each and every bite you take? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to nurture your body with healthful food that you enjoy? It can be done!”

– Esther B.

“Learning how to eat intuitively has helped me in so many ways. My entire eating experience changed. It went from stress eating/dieting to calm/pleasurable eating. I feel I got the right to leave my old habits behind and start a new chapter. It’s interesting how I needed this permission and someone to give me the courage to change. This program helped me realize the strength I have and utilize it. Thank you!”

– Henny S.

“Before working with you I was very hard on myself in terms of incorporating intuitive eating into my life. After working with you I see it as a much more fluid and pleasant experience. I would recommend working with you because you go above and beyond giving your clients all the time they need and personal guidance on their journey. Thanks!”

– Tova P.

“I LOVED the intuitive eating course. I felt like not only did it challenge me to make changes in my eating habits immediately (and huge, far-ranging changes at that), but also forced me to re-examine beliefs about myself and my LIFE – and make changes (or begin to make changes) in almost every aspect of my life, which has been a terrifying, exhilarating, overwhelming and precious journey every single step forward (and tumble backward). That was NOT what I expected when I signed up for a set of classes that would help me with my eating! Yom Tov was a changed experience this year as I thought about what I’ve learned.”

– Mimi S.

“Hi Rena, How are you? Just wanted to check in at the beginning of 5777! First of all thank you for forever changing and improving my eating awareness and habits – definitely something I can chalk up as a positive in the past year. I’ve incorporated many of the principals into my daily life…keeping me even more aware of what and how I eat and when I feel full… Thank you for all your help and may you be zoche to continue helping women like me for many years!”

– Raizy S.

“I got much more than I thought I’d get 🙂
Most people nowadays give only what they get paid for…
You offer so much – what with the bonus emails and tips, the free class, your inspirational speakers, and the q&a sessions, your website…
I really must say – You Gave Me My Life Back!! I was so stressed out about losing my extra weight I literally couldn’t walk on the street without comparing myself to others. I got more confidence and my whole family is enjoying my FREEDOM WITH FOOD!!!!
Thank you so much for doing this!
May you be successful in reaching out there and giving women the precious gift- “peace of mind” which I got bh!!
I thank Hashem for sending me to you and wish you continuous Hatzlacha!”

– Dina R.

“I allow myself to eat foods that I really enjoy. I started eating an occasional slice of pizza again… after about a 15 year absence! YUM. And I don’t need 4 slices to make me happy… one fills me up! It’s still a wonder that I don’t have to eat in secret… if I want “play food,” I can have it! I definitely am much more closely in tune with my satiety and hunger signals… not 100% but certainly better. I loved that the program was tailored for the Jewish woman… Our basic issues are the same as everyone else’s, but our lifestyle is different enough that it warrants a separate group. Thank you for that.”

– Nancy Y.

“I’m learning how to figure out what I need in a situation and to give it to myself instead of turning to food to numb my emotions.”

– Batsheva L.

“I did not believe before starting that there was so much value in a group setting. I knew intellectually that there were others with issues like mine, but I had never spoken to anyone like that about these things openly and honestly. But working with a group was more helpful than I would have believed it could have been.

The program specifically addressed something that seemed too basic, but I realize now was not so much Basic as a Basis. Without addressing eating intuition, no other eating program is going to ever work. The program wasn’t overbearing, but just helped a little voice awaken in my mind that made me THINK before I ate something. Amazing. I’m 37 years old, but I’m finally getting what my toddlers knew: there’s no need to eat if you’re not hungry.

Rena is incredibly REAL and is compassionate and empathetic, even as she is undaunted by all of our excuses. She really cares about her clients and their struggles, and really wants every Jewish mother to be healthy, energetic and happy with themselves.”

– Miriam R., RBS

“I thought I already knew about everything to do with eating and dieting, and it was enlightening and interesting to discover that I didn’t. It was really eye-opening.”

– Hadassah M.

“I knew I had a problem with my emotional eating. I had learned of Intuitive Eating and really wanted to explore it. When I heard about Rena’s course, I knew I had to try it. Having a group of frum women, led by a frum leader – was just beyond my wildest hopes!

Rena’s warm and accepting manner made it safe for me to take my first steps towards being in control of my eating and not having my food control me.

I liked the fact that in our private session, we didn’t even talk about food directly; we talked about something that was really underlying my food issue. This gave me the courage to admit some very important private things to myself that I hadn’t realized before.

Thank you, Rena. You’re a great coach!

PS I also treasure personal connections I have made through the group…such a wonderful group of growing, Torah-oriented women!”

– Faygy N.

“I no longer eat to deal with my stress and I have a great deal of awareness around my eating. I have a feeling of being connected to my body and I am much more in sync with eating the kinds of food and amounts of food that make me feel good. I am calmer and am actually less stressed out – certainly around my health, food and weight issues, but even around other issues. Not eating to deal with stress is forcing me to deal with my stress in a more productive and healthy manner.

If you’re thinking about doing this program…JUST DO IT! This is transformative with results that can change, not just how you look, but more importantly, how you feel – for a life time!”

– Rachel H., New York

“Before we started working together I was struggling with my feelings about food and how to prevent and handle binges. After going through Rena’s program I feel freer to allow myself to enjoy food. I know that I don’t need to always make perfect choices and feel more ok with that. I have less emotional baggage. Overall, I gained more peace with my food choices.

I really enjoyed the classes and learning to eat more intuitively. I feel more authentic and in touch with myself and much less stressed about food.”

– Malky B., Chicago

“…I feel empowered to eat when I really want to and to say no when I really don’t…I found myself thinking after each session – this makes so much sense!”

– Chani J.

“I’ve learnt to appreciate a slow pace and not instant gratification. If you want a change in your life approach, this is the place to go. If you want a quick fix to your waist size then its not for you.”

– Elisheva A.

“…food is becoming less center-stage in my life and I’m discovering that I have my own unique tastes and preferences in food. I really don’t want cakes and sweets the whole day!”

– Deena W.

“Even though I knew what food made me feel good and energized, I was completely at the mercy of cravings for food that made me feel gross and sent me on emotional roller coasters. I learned that when my body sends me strong craving messages it’s really just trying to get me to listen and address other needs that I have not been listening to and caring for.”

– Sara G.

“…my intention of starting this journey of intuitive eating, [was] to heal my relationship with food and find a healthier balance. I am more able to let go of the “all or nothing” in this area and try to focus on the positive steps that I have been taking.”

– Talie S., Yerushalayim

“Listening to other woman speaking about their struggles articulated many of my own questions and personal struggles for me. So many times I laughed out loud with understanding and nodded my head to myself as the woman explored their challenges, even cheering them on to myself.”

– Dini A.

“I was struggling with my relationship with food, the feeling of food having control over me instead of the other way around, and not feeling good about myself and how I look. After going through Rena’s program it made me realize that food is food and food issues are feelings and insecurities that we attribute to food and eating. Once I started giving myself permission to enjoy food, it didn’t have such a hold on me anymore. Overall, I gained more awareness that Hashem puts us in certain situations and makes us a certain way. We can do our hishtadlus up to a point and the rest is up to Him.

If you want to have a healthy relationship with food and yourself, Rena’s workshop is a great way to do it!”

– Shaindy L., Beitar

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