The truth about us all

On the outside, we’re all so different.

And we also have different struggles:

Yet, when we tune in and peel away the external layers… We realize that we’re all coming from the exact same place.

That we’re all struggling with the same limiting beliefs, the same stressful “relationships”…

So why am I telling you all this?

Because as of this Tuesday, I’m launching a group program.

Now, I know, for some of you, your initial response is:

Thanks Rena – group work is NOT for me. When I can, I’ll work with you one on one”

But I want you to realize something.

In my group coaching programs…

You don’t need to spill the beans about the fight with your husband,
or tell the world you ate the whole plate of cookies,
or that you yelled at your kids.

(Unless you want to)

It’s not about looking at our external circumstances, or discussing how to change…

It’s simply not the point.

The tools I use,
the guided exercises
the questions

Allow us to

So we can intuitively decide how to move forward.

It’s about tapping into your inner voice, getting your own insights, and doing the guided inner work…not focusing on the external issues.

So you can feel safe to explore what’s really going on…yes, even (or davka) in a group setting.

And along the journey, you’ll realize that we’re all actually struggling with the same things, and the group experience becomes extremely empowering, healing and supportive.

This Tuesday, you can join my FREE taster coaching call

At 1:30pm NY time / 8:30pm Israel time

(Month-long-group-coaching program starts in July, with the option to renew each month)

It’s a safe supportive space for deep thinking introspective women.

For anyone who is curious to use:

To get real and honest about what’s beneath the surface of your struggles (without having to air your dirty laundry!)

To finally listen compassionately to what YOU really need

To let our intuition guide our next step

To access insights that your over-thinking-mind hasn’t quite figured out yet

To tap into your feminine intuition

And harness the power of your mind-body connection for real growth.

If this speaks to you or could help someone you know

Click here to register.

Hi there! How can I help?

Hi there! How can I help?

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