days when you’re feeling down about your body

I posted the following question about body image in the Intuitive Eating for Jewish Women group yesterday.

“What do you do on those days when you’re feeling down about your body? If dieting is no longer a solution, what is?”

The irony of it was that it seemed many of the responses were directed at me, as though they were advising me.

The truth is? Yesterday was a tough day for me body image wise, so their responses were actually quite helpful.

I want to share their responses with you. I hope they’ll help you, too!

  • Go running!
  • Sometimes acceptance is the best approach. That doesn’t mean you have to suddenly “love” your appearance or weight or whatever else is bothering you, but being able to make peace with your body and yourself is key.
  • If you’ve had kids – trying to focus on the amazing body you have and the miracles it has done. And that every bump, lump, pound and mark is totally worth it when you look at who they created 🙂
  • Gratitude. For my body, it’s health, the children I’ve had. My best friend is facing some significant health issues so my perspective has completely shifted.
  • Being active helps me. At the 3 month pp point. Got together with other new moms and worked out and also went swimming. It felt great to do something 2 days in a row.
  • I’m trying to just look at my body. Face it. But I find that the best solution to not dieting is to try and work out a few days a week. Took a kickboxing class last night after not going to the gym for over a year. Made me feel strong, and I thanked my body for being able to make it through 45 minutes of intense exercise!
  • It helps to focus on all you are grateful for.
  • A 20-30 minute walk outside is very restorative. Try it for five days and see what it can do for you.
  • A friend helped me just say out loud, “My real body doesn’t match my ideal body.” I cannot explain why, but I do find that naming this helps.
  • Exercise, massage, and talk to a girlfriend!!!
  • Exercise! Yoga, walk, SWORKIT (app) etc. Pamper: massage, facial, bubble bath etc.
  • A little TLC. I recommend making a list of things that you do for you and choose one when you feel down.
  • Buying myself a piece of clothing that is actually flattering. And walking or swimming.
  • I’d ask myself what I am really feeling down about, because I know focusing on the body is just a convenient scapegoat. Then I would find a compassionate act of self care to participate in.
  • I totally had this crisis yesterday! I just tried to remember how good my body has been to me. Birthed 5 healthy kids. All the running around I do. Sometimes not enough sleep. Sometimes ice cream for lunch. And I feel grateful. I started wearing brighter colors and a big smile. And I think sometimes happy gets noticed more than skinny.
  • Walking outdoors. Also, really knowing what flatters your body type / shape and sticking to those silhouettes, will always make a positive difference in how you feel and see your body.
  • Here’s a good one; I went out to eat for lunch w my friends the other day and I ordered a cheese fries and one ordered a salad and the other a soup and salad. The entire time I was feeling yucky like forsure everyone that passed my table rolled their eyes and said duh! The fat girl goes for the fries! But I wanted it I enjoyed it. It was filling. I didn’t eat a thing until supper. I spoke to one of my friends today and she told me she left the pizza shop starving and nashed all afternoon…
  • Read or watch something funny. Just give yourself the gift of therapeutic laughter.

What’s your go to pick-me-up? Please share them in the comments below.


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