O-some Real Onion Soup

Here’s a super easy winter recipe to get the most out of this very common superfood. It uses a gentle cooking technique so as to maintain all those amazing nutrients. Warm up those cold nights with Real Onion Soup. This soup isn’t Osem. It’s O-some!

In the past we would have held back from making onion soup out of concern that it just isn’t healthy enough. Go for it.

10 medium onions
4 cloves garlic
2 tsp fresh (or ¾ dry) thyme
1 cup of dry white wine
3 cups water
Salt and pepper to taste
1 stick of butter
Some whole grain bread
Good cheese (Gruyere is the classic cheese used in French onion soup, but anything is good)

The key to getting the most flavor out of your onions is to saute them low and long. A heavy bottom pot would help. Melt your stick of butter on a low heat. Make sure your onions are sliced at pinky thickness (all size pinkies work). The bigger your pot, the better, to get the most saute per onion. Let the onions saute, without stirring, for a good 15 minutes. If your pan starts to get dry add a small amount of water. Add garlic. Keep them going for another 10 minutes, stirring here and there, but as little as possible. After the onions saute for a good long time add the thyme, wine, and water. Cook at a simmer for another half hour. Right before serving, cut a piece of bread to fit the top of whatever you are serving the individual soups in. Toast them with a piece of cheese on top. Cover your soup with toasted cheese bread right before serving.

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