on loving your body

on loving your body

It’s hard to go from “I love my body” to suddenly be faced with something that looks so different than we were used to.

Let’s say now you’ve shifted to (this is just an example — not saying this is what you say) — “I hate my body”. So going back to “I love my body” is a faaaaaar shift.

How can you meet yourself part way?

Can you think something like “I have a body”, and sit with that thought about your body for a while?

What does it mean to have a body?

How can you find gratitude for the body you have in the moment?

The thing is that trying to force ourselves to love up parts of ourselves that we don’t yet love, or don’t love anymore, just creates resistance.

And what resists…persists.

So find the happy medium that you can do. Find the thought that works for you, and practice thinking that thought.

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