Shabbos mode

It’s erev Shabbos. I open the fridge to set it to Shabbos mode.

First turn the freezer setting all the way to high.

Then turn the fridge setting all the way to high, back to low, back to high, back to low.

The fridge light blinks twice, and turns off for the next 40 hours.

We’ve been doing this every Erev Shabbos ever since we bought this fridge. It’s been 4.5 years.

Yet every single week, I approach the fridge with the same trepidation.

Quick! Do it quickly or it won’t work. C’mon — 1, 2, 3, 4 turns. Phew, it worked!

I used to think that the computer wouldn’t remember if I did the sequence too slowly.

So in order to keep it working perfectly, 100% of the time, I had to do it quickly.

Which, obviously, made me feel anxious. Which led to sloppy work. Which led to making mistakes.

But you know what?

Over time, I learned that the fridge doesn’t care if I do it quickly. It has “muscle memory”. It remembers where I left off, even if I go slowly.

Recently, I’ve started slowing it down. One slow turn. Another slow turn.

And if I make a mistake? The fridge waits there patiently for me. I can continue from where I made my mistake. I don’t need to start over.

I course correct, and move on.

When I take the time to do Shabbos mode slowly, carefully, it works perfectly. Without feelings of anxiety.

I think about my life. Areas where I’ve rushed through things, trying to get to the finish line faster, thinking the world won’t wait for me. Only to stumble trying to get there, adding unnecessary anxiety, and then beating myself up for not doing it perfectly.

I’ve started to slow things down. To focus more. To see every “failure” as an opportunity for growth, for improvement, for doing it better next time.

It’s amazing. What incredible lessons my fridge teaches me about life.

Sloooooow down. Keep trying. Don’t give up. You’ll get there. It’ll all work out.

Have a great week!

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