the annual post-Pesach freak out

It’s the post Pesach diet freak out season.

You have two choices:

1) You can continue down the same yo-yo path once again. You may have done that already many times over. “Gotta walk off those pounds…again.” “I’m starting over at weight watchers…once again.” “I need to stop eating carbs…yet again.”

2) If you’re tired of going on the next latest and greatest diet, you can do something radically different and ditch dieting for life. Finally stop worrying about every single bite you put into your mouth. Instead you can finally focus on healthy behaviors, without focusing on your weight. You can finally be at peace with food and end the tug-of-war.

That something is called Intuitive Eating. It’s life changing.

If you’re looking for support on this journey, here’s a resource for you:

If you haven’t read the Intuitive Eating book yet, start there. You can buy it directly from Amazon or Book Depository.

Wishing you continued freedom from bondage.


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