How I Indulged While On Vacation

We just came back from a trip and had limited kitchen access. So…what did we eat and how did we keep up our healthy lifestyle?

Well, for starters, we ate a lot of canned tuna and fresh vegetables. We found healthy humus in the grocery store without hydrogenated oils or preservatives. We bought unflavored unsweetened yogurt and added fresh blueberries — yum!

We also went out to eat and kept our choices pretty healthy. One meal was roasted chicken breast and vegetables, another was a salmon salad, and another was a selection of salads with quinoa, cheeses, and chickpeas.


 Photo Credits: Robert S. Donovan

Now don’t think that we didn’t also treat ourselves! We just tried to make healthier choices. We had our share of Ben n Jerrys, which I prefer over other ice creams because of their relatively short ingredients list and use of real cream over hydrogenated vegetable oil. (Why are they called ice cream if they don’t use cream???) We also had a slice of apple pie at an artisanal bakery which was made with whole wheat flour and real butter. It was filled with tons of fresh apples and had the perfect amount of sweetness. Yum! It was one of the best pieces of apple pie that we’ve ever had. Definitely worth it!

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